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OCZ displays the eXtreme Gamer memory

OCZ announced today that it has added a new model to its range of DDR memories. The new model will be called Gamer eXtreme, and will be imported as a PC-3500 memory, ie 433Mhz, which is rated 2-2-2-5 in 2.8v voltage. As the name implies, the new memory is designed for gaming systems, for gamers who want a powerful gaming system, and it should arrive at affordable prices. Like a lot of 2-2-2-5 recently released, for example Moskin's Redline series, This memory will probably come with UTT or BH-5 chips. The new memory will come with lifetime warranty, including up to 3.1v, and OCZ will sell it in 512MB modules and 1GB modules.

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