OCZ ™ eXtreme Gold PC-4000 Voltage is announced

OCZ announces the PC-4000 Voltage eXtreme Gold

לפני For several months OCZ Line introduced its new memoir called Voltage eXtreme. What is special about the new series (known as VX) is that the company continues to give its lifetime responsibility for memory to relatively high voltages - up to 3.5V. With the help of these high tensions, the memory presented excellent performance and the ability to work in the tightest timings.

Following the success of the PC3200 VX line, the guys there at the company decided to continue riding the wave and today we receive from them a new memory, the PC4000 VX GOLD. These memories also have the explicit permission of the manufacturer to work on voltages up to 3.5V and, according to OCZ, with 3.3V voltage, these memories make 2-2-2 timings at a frequency of 250MHz (ie DDR-500Mz). Each module and module of the series goes through a manual quality check and includes the Extended Voltage Protection (EVP) mechanism, which should preserve your precious memory.

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