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Microsoft corrects the problems of the present and marks the future

While the revised version of the Big October update is still in preparation, the company is announcing an application that will fix performance losses as a result of Spectre - and a future ability to better control the applications installed on your system

Microsoft folds: eliminates warning against installing competing browsers in Windows 10

The latest update of the operating system added a new "method" to promote the Edge browser to unsuspecting users - and now it has also been shelved, after a brief phase of online rage

Approaching a billion: 10 windows celebrates a new user record

Two and a half years after the launch, Microsoft seems to be in a safe way to make its latest operating system the largest ever with a pool of one billion computers running it

Microsoft headache: File protection in the 10 application store has been cracked

The UWP of the application store built into the latest Windows system was supposed to be unbreakable - the pirates proved otherwise, again

This is not a mistake: the new Windows update eliminates the Spectre patches

After some of the fixes to the security holes in the processors have done more harm than good, Microsoft has been able to undo them in a new update to its operating systems

Chrome OS system, now on tablets too

The advent of a first-of-its-kind device that runs Google's cloud-based operating system may be the last nail in Android's coffin for this area

A debut for the timeline capability that is guaranteed in the experimental version of Windows 10

The future add-on that will allow you to continue working from exactly the same point on any computer you own is available to users who are part of the Microsoft Insiders program

Samsung and Yasumi will join the 10 project for Snapdragon chips

The two successful cellular market vendors will offer discounted and compact laptops based on their familiar ARM hardware

A last chance: a free upgrade to Windows 10 ends in 31 in December

The last method left to get a free upgrade of your Windows 7 or Windows 8 to the latest version is going to disappear at the end of the month. prima facie

Windows 10 on ARM: Time Responses

Intel and AMD show each other the way they hope to face the new cooperation between Microsoft and Qualcomm and its Snapdragon chips

The first of its generation: NovaGo, a portable 10 windows with Snapdragon chip from Asus

Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere, long battery life and relatively competitive price - Do you need anything else on a modern laptop?

Microsoft celebrates the new big 10 update with video

The official process of updating users to the Fall Creators Update version of the operating system has officially begun - and we are getting an explanation and illustration of its upgraded design

Dell's virtual reality for 10 windows is available for early purchase

Just before the arrival of the big update that will put the popular operating system into the center of the VR era, the American company allows you to equip yourself with the equipment needed to enjoy the whole business

Microsoft Virtual Reality Show

The technology giant will hold a press conference at 3 in October, in which it will demonstrate its approach to one of the hottest trends in the market - 10, of course

Virtual Reality and Games: Windows 10 will be upgraded again on 17 in October

The second part of the significant and significant Creators Update will be officially launched in a month and a half

Cheap and tough: Asus presents its attempt to make the most of Windows 10 S

The VivoBook W202NA also promises to successfully survive the school's hostile environment with a starting price tag of about NIS 1,000

Coming Soon: Control Windows 10 with Eyes Only (updated)

A major add-on to the operating system will allow users to use it, and you can also give ordinary users a unique way to control what's happening on the screen

The end of the Android desktop system

Remix OS, which pretended to be a worthy, free and fast replacement for windows and Linux distribution on its way to disappear from the surface

One of the most intriguing additions for 10 windows will come only next year

The Timeline system, which will allow users to jump between different devices and operating systems and continue working from the exact point where they stopped, will not be available in the next major Windows update

Windows 10: Check the load on the graphics card and protect against ransom

Soon you will no longer need dedicated applications to know how hard your graphics core is "trying" at a given time

Windows 10 S: Not faster, not vulnerable to security breaches

Microsoft's new closed-circuit operating system began with the launch of the Surface Laptop, but has struggled to justify its existence for the time being

Check your log: Windows 10 computers with Snapdragon come at the end of the year

Another new Microsoft venture designed to increase the variety of window devices in the market is approaching launch

The small print of Windows 10 S

The exact capabilities, and even the odd limitations, of Microsoft's new and lean operating system are beginning to be revealed

Cheap and revolving: Meet the new windows

HP and Acer are the first to join the new celebration announced by Microsoft in its Windows 10 S system

Windows with a closed garden, the second round: Introducing Windows 10 S

Four years after the crash of Windows RT, Microsoft is launching another new operating system that will try to create a cheap and controlled work environment that looks just like the real thing