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Will you soon be unable to buy new computers with 7 windows and 8.1 windows?

Signs indicate that earlier versions of the Will stop coming with computers at the end of the month - but there may be hope

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Support table The official Microsoft site mentions that support for earlier versions of Microsoft Is due to end at the end of the decade, and reminds us that Windows 7 and its smaller and less popular sister, 8.1, will no longer be sold when they are pre-installed on new computers already at the end of the month. The move is intended to speed up the transition of users to the 10 version of the operating system, which is estimated to be installed on one-fifth of the computers in the market. 7, by comparison, is installed on almost half of them.

New computers from manufacturers will soon arrive only with Windows 10 (Image: Microsoft)
New computers from the manufacturers will soon arrive only with 10 (Image: Microsoft)

According to information provided In the past, it is unlikely that it intends to dispose of existing inventory of computers that still arrive with the old systems at the end of the month, but new hardware will be required to come with the 10 version since early November.

Despite the data from the company's website, in the Notebookcheck Confident That the date of the last sale of the old systems is not at the end of the month, and that Gave up when she announced the extension of their support last month, but simply did not mention it. The report relies on a source in the company , The world's largest computer maker.

As of the end of September, 10 has reached 400 a million systems based on it all over the world
As of the end of September, 10 has reached 400 a million systems based on it all over the world

However, computers that come with preinstalled 10 windows can be downgraded to one of the two previous versions, although they need to be run manually. At the same time, it is important to remember that It seems That in the coming years Windows 10 will be the only system that supports new hardware, such as the generations of new Intel and Intel processors .


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    1. Oh dear and get 4 hardware years back for the price of a car
      And more to get this cramped operating system that is hardly software and games

    2. If only then the Macintosh
      That way you won't have to pay an exorbitant price for old-fashioned hardware that is branded with the stinking apple.

  1. The truth is that it's a bit of the opposite.
    Already, there are mobile devices that do not support 7 windows
    And the world will turn!

  2. What a fun, fun, fun, finally
    I was waiting for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anyone ready to explain to me what the big anti is? Why do people refuse to hear about Win10? Apart from its "aggressive marketing", it is generally stable, pleasing to the eye and mostly leaner than its predecessors.

    1. Win10 has a different interface that does not do good to people who work with their computer; A completely different scoring system, without the possibility of returning to win7 and below scoring form; Poor dpi rendering, so many programs look fuzzy on screens that are not 96 dpi; The system sends loads of data to 3 and Microsoft party companies, taking care to reset them in the event and cancel the data sending; The system comes complete with Microsoft's bluetooth, although almost everything can be removed.
      After working for nearly a year on computers with 7 and 10, in my opinion this is a good overall operating system, the thing that is most jarring is the whole thing with high dpi fit.

      1. What are you talking about the DPI much better in 10
        All UWP software with perfect compatibility
        And with improvements to DPI
        If 7 is worse than that

        1. Windows 7 and its predecessors are indeed bad at it, but the mechanism is no better at 10, because in the end, fuzzy text is received in every software I've got to deal with (chrome, indesign, photoshop, google earth and more). Compared to the old mechanism that preserved the sharpness.

        2. 7 also sees blurred software that does not support Scaling
          Blame only the developers of the software
          No connection to operating system
          If 10 already supports up to 8K (UWP icons)

    2. When it was released, marketing was not the only thing that was aggressive - it also gathered unprecedented information about users, which created an anti-erasure that was not easy to erase. In addition, as with xp, even with 7, many people have a particularly pleasant user experience, which they do not deserve to be given just because they are told to do so. What not to do, not everyone like Apple's judges, who run to stores just because another medium-plus device is on the market.

  4. As usual, Microsoft encourages upgrading every few years to maximize profits and we must replace a computer every 4 years to meet the fastest advances in technology and standards….
    When we reach the 1 nanometer transistor size we can save our computer for 8-10 years without fear that tomorrow a stronger and better processor market will be released.

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