Gameboy Advance is sold in bulk in the US and Japan

The new Gameboy has entered the market in America after its launch in Japan. Meanwhile, 17 is marketing new titles with it. In Japan it is sold within a week with a huge amount of 1.6 million pieces, in the US it is sold so far in 500,000 pieces, Additional shipping to continue sales there

The ddr gets faster!

The following is an explanation of the progress of DDR memory speed in 2002, with 400 at the last quarter of this year, when the first base speed was 266, which shows that the DDR will not leave us so fast and it will become faster and more attractive! For the short story.

ATI gives a glimpse of the graphics card line for handheld computers

ati, introduces its new graphics chips to the laptop market. These chips will be quite powerful, and will be a relatively serious leap forward now in the field of 350D graphics in laptops. Some of the features: 4 MHz chip frequency2 pixel pipelines with 8 TMU on each (74 textures) 128 million triangles per second32bit SDRAM or DDR SDRAM memory interfaceSupports up to 9MB embedded memoryDirectX0.15 compliantXNUMXmicron manufacturing technology

Released a new guide to Overclocking to the Dioron processors

The guide provides detailed information on each point in the overclocking of this processor, shows the real changes before and after the overclocking, and incorporates many detailed benchmarks that explain the changes and differences. The guide is a bit long but definitely comprehensive and good! The guide


After a relatively long period of time without updating (week ..), we are now publishing a new review by Yaniv Uzan about the AMD T-Bird processor. Again, the writing competition is still open, and I have a few more articles in my ToDo list, so expect more updates.

ASUS A7M266-D !!

Today! Right today! ASUS has announced a new motherboard for two AMD processors, based on the 760MP chipset, which will be called A7M266-D. More details on the AMDZone website.

Collaboration between AMD and nVidia

In a press release issued today by AMD, the company announces a new collaboration with Nvidia. According to the announcement, Nvidia will develop graphics products that support AMD's new HyperTransport technology. This is a technology developed by AMD, which allows computer components to communicate with each other 48 times faster Of official technologies.The official announcement of the collaboration comes a bit late, given the fact that rumors of the collaboration between the companies started flowing online already last week, but were firmly denied by the two companies.

Windows XP will encourage hacker attacks…

Many security professionals around the world have announced that Microsoft's new operating system, Windows XP, could make the Internet unstable by encouraging Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks on servers around the world. This is because the operating system will allow users to forge IP (A personal number that everyone receives when they connect to the Internet, and which is used to identify the user on the network), thus attacking servers without being detected.

ATI will allow third parties to create the tab

ATI has decided to change tactics, and start selling graphics chips to third-party companies instead of producing the cards itself, similar to the way nVidia operates today. Thus, it hopes, its new cards will get more publicity, and also sell in larger quantities. Needless to say, this is a correct thought .. ATI adds that it will continue to support "old" cards it has created, and that its old lessons will not be left behind ..

Two more reviews on the site…

As you may have noticed, two more reviews were added to the "Your Corner" section today, as part of the writing competition. One by Jonathan Cohen, on the Hercules 3D Prophet 2 64MB video card, and the other by Lior Atias on the ASUS iPanel Basic. Pleasant reading ... your corner ...

Review - Yamaha CRW2200

CDRLabs has published a review of Yamaha's new burner at 40x20x10. The new burner includes a number of special features such as: a huge 8 MB Buffer, SafeBurn which is a much more advanced Buffer Prevention Technology UnderRun than the old BURN-Proof or JustLink (yes, yes! Also 8MB Buffer And also technology that stops the burn in case it empties), P-CAV technology (which this time is an advantage) that allows you to reach high burn speeds without destroying the disk, and of course, the ability to turn the drive from an IDE to a sketchy drive in an instant by adding ...

New Site Review!

Good night! Today (tonight ..) we publish a review by Oren Eyal, who sent it to us as part of the writing competition! The review is for the excellent CD-MP3 player (yes, yes .. they have improved a lot over time) from the Soul company. Good luck to Oren, and everyone! Remember, the competition is open until 15/07 ... well, it's time for me to go to bed, and for you to read the ... review

Microsoft and Intel are cooperating

Microsoft and Intel will work to implement Windows Media software on second-and-a-half (2.5G) and third-generation (3G) mobile phones, which will enable streaming video and audio. This was announced by the companies on Tuesday, according to a report by IDG News. The companies will adapt Windows Media and Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to Intel's XScale software, which is used on mobile devices, allowing mobile phone users to send and receive videos and audio. Using Intel software called IPP (Integrated Performance Primitives), software ...

New survey ..

And this time - what do you prefer to see on the site? Because there are so many things to do, and so little time (in the meantime!), We'd love to get a brief focus on your content preferences so we know what to focus on. Thanks..

Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 THX

Who cares ... two days ago I posted here that Klipsch will start producing 5.1 speaker systems for the computer ... I promised to update, so here it is: :-) Yesterday they were officially announced, and the data is similar to the data published two days ago, in addition to the fact that they (As usual with Klipsch speakers, by the way) support THX. There is no doubt that these are (at least on paper, and according to Klipsch's glorious past, also in the field) the best computer speakers. Say it again? The best. We can only hope that the importer will bring them to Israel, and regret that there is 70 percent customs on speakers in our country ...

Microsoft's Xbox is about to fall

CNN published a brief analysis of the console war and the state of the Xbox in this war. The article claims that the Xbox, which will be launched by Microsoft on November 8, will probably suffer a strong blow in sales, due to a lack of popular and interesting titles. When Microsoft entered the field of consoles with great force, it built the success of its console on advanced technology and powerful hardware. After the E3 show, in which the Xbox made a not very positive impression, it seems that the console's hardware is still not close to perfection, while Nintendo's GameCube already looks 99% ready ...

One of ICQ's biggest servers crashed

For those who notice, from today morning you can not connect to ICQ. There are rumors on the internet that one of their biggest servers has crashed, and there's really nothing to do except wait .. I don't know what about you, but only now do I understand how important this ICQ is to me .. :-) Edit: Good news! The server is back on, finally!

New Steping for T-Bird!

AMD has released a new Stepping version for its T-Bird processor, codenamed AVIA Y. The new version enables simply amazing overclocking capabilities, and even better than the previous version which was considered amazing in itself. The author of the article managed to reach a 1Ghz T-Bird processor with a speed of 1.4Ghz (multiplication 10.5, bass speed 133Mhz) and all this without increasing the voltage! And when the article ends with the words: Hail to the King, baby! There is nothing more to add ... to the article

The end of the Bezeq monopoly took another step forward

3Com Israel has completed a project to install an IP telephony system in the geographical company. The project, which was carried out in collaboration with Algadfon as an integrator, enables the company to maintain voice communication between the main branch and the company's remote sites through the on-site data communication network through Bezeq. The use of VoIP technology (the acronym for Voice over IP), which makes it possible to turn the data communication network, whether it is the Internet or a local area network (LAN), into an advanced telephony network, enables considerable savings in the organization's communication costs. "The project in Neot HaKikar is ...

Agree - how, what and why?

Most of you probably use a computer screen. Even at this moment ... (Did not you?) Did you ever want to buy a screen, but you did not really understand what they want from you with all these concepts? Keep reading, and you will know everything ...

Klipch will produce 5.1 systems

Klipch, one of the only manufacturers of computer speakers that is worth anything, will announce in the next 24 hours new speakers from its production, which will finally be in 5.1 format. There is not much data yet, but know that the subwoofer will use two 8 "drivers, the power will be 500 watts (200 watts for the subwoofer, and 60 watts per speaker), and the price will be $ 399. Abroad, of course, before 70% tax That in our stupid country. When more details come out, we will update!

Seagate also joins the celebration ..

Following the announcement of IBM's new production method, Seagate has announced a new technology that it has been working on for some time. Seagate's technology makes it possible to work at a density of 100Gb per square inch (double-inch ...) without having to change the current media. In fact, there will be no need to change the media until the density level reaches 200GB per inch squared. In a few years, Seagate intends to reach a density of terbits (1000Gb) per square inch, which will allow the 3.5 "disk to reach a volume of 1.5TB (which is ...

400GB hard drives

IBM has announced a new method of manufacturing hard drives, which will allow to reach volumes of about 400 GB (!) Over the next two years. In short, the idea is to use a new magnetic coating, which allows to reach a particularly high level of data density and thus reach large volumes up to 4 of the maximum volumes currently available.More details

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