Ventilation Chassis

Ventilation Chassis

Not all of them are aware of the importance of the coolness of the chassis to extend the life of the components inside it, and are often satisfied with the 80 fan that barely encapsulates the interior of the enclosure ... One of the most important things in packaging cooling is creating the right circulating, After the air got colder ...

A truly powerful laptop for gaming

Interesting overview of a laptop that can be used as a big game machine: Pentium processor 3 900 MHz (slightly puzzling), 256MB memory, GF2 32MB DDR graphics card! .. For review and review

Windows XP - More Horrors

It seems that Microsoft people think that the shocking appearance of their new operating system and the fact that every so often the user will have to re-enter the serial code of his operating system, is not enough to achieve another respectable amount of haters. Rumors have been circulating for a long time that the new operating system will work with a special code for each hardware configuration, which means that if you add, for example, a new DVD drive, you will have to connect to Microsoft's website (or call them) and they will give you a new code.

How to Make Your X-Box 3 a Professional Graphics Card

At XBITLABS, it is said that the difference between the graphics chips of gaming video cards, and the professional video cards of NVIDIA, is mainly in the drivers and minor changes in the card. Interesting and worth reading ... some of the changes that need to be made to get professional graphics cards ... for a detailed explanation

Microsoft will not be divided! - Continue…

In a resolution spread over 125 (!!!) pages, all the explanations for Microsoft's non-partitioning and non-partitioning are detailed. Microsoft could not ask for a better date for the announcement of the cancellation of the lawsuit, just before the start of marketing its new operating system, WIN XP. Breathing in, Bill Gates. To the news

Microsoft's new XP software is going crazy!

An interesting item that explains that the new XP series software (yes, including the WIN) will stop working in the middle without any warning, and ask for the serial number, and until it is hacked, it will not be possible to operate on the computer! Many say that this is a scandal, and that it is not possible to enter the serial number (approximately 40 characters and different numbers!) Several times a week. For a detailed explanation of the problem!

Radion 2 ATI is coming

Some of ATI's next video card features: Number of pipelines: 4TMUs per pipeline: 2Chip frequency: 250-300Mhz (350Mhz on R300) Technology: 0.15 micronTRUFORM TechnologyProgrammable Pixel & Vertex ShadersDirectX 8.1 (DirectX 9 on R300) HydraVision technologyHyperZ technology Launch In August 2001, and seems to be interesting in the video card market with the entry of ATI in renewed forces into the field, where the code of the Radion 2 is R200, and of its ultra version is R300. For information

What a pleasure to be a monopoly

As you probably already know, Microsoft will launch its new operating system, Windows XP, on October 25th. The release date of its console, Xbox, is about two weeks later, on November 8th. While the amount of advertising invested in the Xbox reached $ 500 million, Microsoft is investing a symbolic amount of $ 4 billion in the XP advertising !!. The first half billion will be in partnership with, of course, Intel, so the massive campaign will include both the new operating system and Intel's Pentium XNUMX. The second half billion will link the ...

Mobile Tualatin, coming soon…

Processor speed will range from 866 to 1.13, which is disappointing in its regular version, but here is Intel's new 0.13 Micron technology. These processors will comprise the HIGHEND in Intel mobile processors until the beginning of 2002 and the beginning of the mobile Pentium 4 marketing. For information and details

MacStore introduces a new 137 gigabyte drive

Macstore has released a new hard drive with a massive volume of 137 GB! Of course, the ATA100 device has reached the capacity threshold that the ATA100 is capable of receiving and working with, and it is interesting to see how they will overcome it ...

GF 2 MX 400 vs GF2 GTS!

An interesting comparison between two cards that may have competition between them ... but it is mostly found in the non-high resolutions. For comparison

Surprising burner from: TDK

This super fast burner, writes with incredible speed of X24 !, and rewrites with less than amazing speed of X10, and quickly reads X40. To review the new drive

DDR 2 exits in 2003

This memory will be the next leap forward in DDR technology, with a memory speed that will reach up to 533 MHz, and who knows how far ... A beautiful 4.3 GHz bandwidth is also part of the menu! And do not worry, we are already talking about DDR 3, which will compete with the super fast DRAM! For information

20GHz, it's no dream!

In the following article, there is a detail about Intel's future processors, when in 2007 we are talking about 20GHz, and 0.032 micron technology! (I wonder if it will be a Pentium 56!?!), I also wonder what AMD is planning for us, and what will develop regarding the bottlenecks such as the harddisks, memories, CD, etc ... For the interesting news

Large programs for USB 2.0

This technology, which seems to have not yet caught on, is going to enter the market more massively, and compete more effectively against the IEEE device, which has caught on well when it comes to video and sound editing. Meanwhile, there are few products that work with this device The motherboards, and the new WIN XP operating system that will support this device, are expected to have a promising future. For information

HP will release a laptop based on Athlon

This powerful computer will include a X-NUMUM GHz processor and a 1 megabyte. If and when a powerful video card is integrated, such as the 256, for example, this computer will be among the most powerful laptops, and a small gaming gun (especially with a fast DVD drive) ). For the information

3 cards of anonymous companies go out and lower their prices

As nVIDIA has recently announced, its production capacity is large, so it can provide them with small and anonymous companies to create them. Thus, nVIDIA contributes to the competition between the companies and the attractive price of the card, for example SUMA card, which looks very similar to the cards of the leading companies such as Elsa or Asus!

Memories eDRAM at up to 1GHZ!

These memories will be used mainly for heavy Internet and voice applications. To date, what prevented the entry of this memory into the market was the price of its high production, but now it seems as if it will break into the market anew and at a cheaper price. This memory will replace the SRAM. To the news

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