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Radeon R7 260X - the most popular video card coming soon?

It was the turn of the middle brother in the group of To be exposed this time R7 260X Stands on the stage and shows that he is not going to be a sucker
Rumors tell the core of the cardR7 260X Will probably be a core Bonair, The one we presented on the video card Radeon HD 7790 But stronger and more muscular. A market share of such a card will be in the same slot with Veterans such as HD 6850 and-HD 7850. This means that it is intended to be the most popular among the graphics cards in the sales sector.

The cooling card is the same cooling that we have seen on many previous video cards, this time it looks like the manufacturer of the coolers Zalman There is a hand in this. Even though-AMD She tried to do something special with By default you will be sure that companies such as MSI, Gigabyte או Asus There will not be a people That, at least not for a long time until they will make versions of their own house.

The card's performanceR7 260X Are expected to be parallel to those of HD 7850 If the strength of the core is as described and therefore the price tag of this video card is expected to be in the region 200 dollars or 850 shekels in Israel.

We will be looking forward to the unveiling of the new series, uncertainty and a great anticipation of the unveiling of the stars of the next generation To be shown inRed show, countdown started.


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  1. What is this calculation?
    200 $ = 850 NIS in Israel ???
    since when?
    A $ 200 ticket costs about NIS 1150-1200 in Israel, and if you order it from abroad alone, it comes out to NIS 950 after taxes and shipping. It sure won't be 850.

  2. Something here makes no sense
    I don't think they will launch a $ 200 card with HD7850 performance, it just can't be.
    The HD7850 itself costs less at this price already selling GTX 660 and the more powerful HD7870.

    So the new card to be launched with a price tag of 200 $ must be at least HD7870.

  3. The reason for the price ..
    The reason for the price is the technology .. The card belongs to the Sea Islands series compared to the Southern Islands. The speed of the card will improve over time (improved drivers). Most performance may be "released" when we start to see Hawaii.

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