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Surprising speeds and breaking performance records for AMD's new processors

New platform for iphone Has been gaining momentum among the professional quickeners, and is already able to break a record number Official processors for octagonal cores

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The company's new-generation processors from Sunnyvale, California, have reached out to stores around the world and across the web - and continue to generate interest, as hobbyists begin to examine the upper physical limits of the new products under extreme conditions, with rather surprising results.

Approaching six

One of the first experts to receive the leading core octagon Ryzen 7 1800X, probably in a particularly high-quality version of its silicon and printed circuit, is the renowned der8auer fast-track - aided by the system Dedicated to liquid nitrogen to push all eight physical cores and 16 of the unit's core nuclei to a peak frequency of 5,802MHz, with a base frequency of 130.5MHz, a product of 44.5 and especially 1.97 Volt's working voltage when the system was stable enough in this mode to run Operating system and confirm the data through the CPU-Z application, which actually gives us the new record for the Ryzen family: Of approximately 60 relative to the original base frequency.

Surprising in quality - 400MHz above any other experience that has been officially verified on HWbot to date

This is where it should be noted that technically this is not yet the frequency record for an octopus core processor in the world of extreme speeds - it still stands at a frequency of no less than 6,118MHz achieved for Intel's Core i7-5960X with all physical and logical cores enabled. However, this is quite an impressive annex for , And we will not be surprised if sometime in the future an even more specific model of the processor will roll into the right hands, giving us another crossing of the desired 6 GHz barrier.

Not enough to get rid of From the top spot in the field - but this is something that may still happen over time and with batch distribution More mature

What's hidden under the lid?

The same speed also known as der8auer is also specialized in performing delicate and challenging procedures for separating the IHS from the silicon chip found for both the direct-touch speed of the chip and the upgrade of the thermal layer between the shield and the silicon unit itself, in mainstream processors that use a little thermal bond instead of soldering A higher quality thermal.

Hashem has also opened the "hood" of the relatively inexpensive Ryzen 7 1700 chip, and we're pleased to report that this case also uses efficient thermal soldering (such as Intel E-family processors and Skylake and Kaby processors Lake where it is based on a simpler thermal ointment. Will use the same technique for all Ryzen family processors, this could be another relative advantage over the rival products at the same price level that would make those who want to do frequency rush independently - in addition to the open multiplier that is known to accompany us in all of its latest products. .

Are we returning to the wars of overclocking, as in the early 2000s? We'll see

Recordings New

The capabilities of the Ryzen models amounted not only to the high frequency frequencies, but also to the practical performance they already received at this stage. Another famous overclocker named Elmor succeeded in bringing the Ryzen 7 1800X to 5,364MHz working frequency, as well as liquid nitrogen, which was stable enough to run various types of performance tests - thus breaking the official scoring record for core-octane processors in the Cinebench RXNX tests And the popular Cinebench R11.5, which to this day are controlled by the Core i15-7X .

New records for eight-core processors - even though the work frequency is hundreds of megahertz lower than those achieved for Intel's competitor

In this case, too, this is a very impressive feat, considering that it has been just over a week since the models were launched, and even if it does not necessarily prove that one product is better or more powerful than the other - it is an interesting competition that will probably spur both And you To offer us their technology elite in the future, hoping to win as many of the possible categories as possible.

The official HWbot official chart starts to get to know Ryzen

Until that happens, you will not be surprised to see the Ryzen 7 models sweep a few more highs in performance tests - such as the common Geekbench test, where the model from today can already be found In the third place in the 5,322MHz working frequency, when another successful run at 100MHz or even less you can allow the capture of the head of the list from the hands of . In short - will be interesting in this area in the coming months.

The new battle


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  1. Just not like the 7700k for which to download a temp should open the closure Don't understand how people are still willing to buy Intel ... Doesn't mean throwing them but should give them some time to think about their way of working

  2. liquid nitrogen ?
    What helps us commoners?
    Who is this helpful for?
    What is the relevance of liquids with liquid nitrogen?

    Why sell fantasies?
    Nowadays barely with water cooling and noise reaches 4.1 and unstable

    Like saying that the Fiat 1000 SMC vehicle has quickly switched to 2000 and gives double speed
    Then ?
    What does it do to help someone?

    Through the back the bulldozer came over 7GH with liquid nitrogen
    Then ?
    Helped someone alive?

  3. An article on how Windows 10 is affecting the performance of AMD Ryzen's new processors
    It turns out that Windows does not read correctly simulated SMT thread processing language
    The link describes more problems that are related between the processor and Windows

    It is unknown according to the article when it will be arranged in the update
    What this means is that AMD's processors could be more successful with Windows 10 were more investors.

    1. Thanks for the referral.
      Oh how sad (I never liked Microsoft), and I didn't understand why I got blue screens immediately after assembling the computer (Ryzen 7 1700X) and a clean install of Windows 10.
      Hope to get it fixed soon. At least you can work on Linux.

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