SABERTOOTH Z77 - The processor in the tank will win: HWzone control panel

SABERTOOTH Z77 - The processor in the tank will win: A motherboard in the audit

The new Asus tank

Last week, Asus made the annual opening at our home with the presentation of the motherboard Maximus V Formula. There is also another side, the side that takes a little back from the rather ambitious approach and focuses on durability and reliability above the competition.

Asus SABERTOOTH Z77 - Characteristics
  • chassis: LGA1155
  • Chipset: Intel Z77
  • Fix Size: ATX standard
  • Ports USB 2.0: 10, 6 for the chassis and 4 from the back
  • Ports USB 3.0: Six, 2 for the chassis and 4 from the back
  • Ports SATA III: Four, two of them operate through Third Party
  • Ports SATA II: Four, all through the chipset
  • Memories support: DDR3 Up to a speed of 2800 MHz (accelerated), maximum volume of 32 gigabytes
Unique key features

Who gave birth to a thermite (Thermal Armor) - The most prominent feature of this motherboard. Most of the motherboard area covers a plastic chassis that prevents dust accumulation on components. Fans can be installed to control the flow of air under the child, although it does not cover especially hot areas.
Digital voltage stabilizers DIGI + - Use of these advanced digital stabilizers in the most advanced motherboards As in the series Reppublic of Gamers. These voltage stabilizers ensure stable voltage monitored at all times.

In addition, the motherboard utilizes high-temperature, high-life-resistant capacitors.

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5 תגובות

  1. Mmm… no.
    Fan board is right-to-a.
    There are excellent panels like deluxe and even pro boards that do not require fans and maintain a reasonable temp.

  2. There is a very big downside to a fan panel that people do not consider ...
    That if the fan starts to make noise if it is time or spoiled .. then quite a story to find a replacement for it is usually not a standard fan and then you have to start looking for candles or improvise ..

  3. מאוורר
    And another dust defender? Should more dust accumulate there? O_o

    Asusmoza from Asus hardware is reliable ???

  4. To 1,2 and 3 together
    Can be installed fan, possible, optional, do not have to…. Possible.

    Since when is Assos reliable hardware? Since when is Assos hardware. It is just as reliable as any other company's hardware. Stupid users with unmatched hardware that breaks it down.

  5. sad
    Except for 5 years this board has no special special things no Apple PCIE2 16X2 for two cards there is no wireless chip and then for the cover itself it is plastic I would not pay because it is expensive

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