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Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X in Criticism: Miner is a little expensive

Steamed is always healthy
Happy new year everyone, in the world business cards as usual. Today it's the turn of a video card that many crave and thirst for information - do not worry I'm here to answer all the questions. Today is the turn of R9 280X Version Vapor-X From home Sapphire.
Radeon R9 280X Is actually HD 7970 Which is rebranded brand. It carries frequency Faster than HD 7970 Which was launched two years ago.

The graphics core that sits on theR9 280X Vapor-X Is called Tahiti And it contains 2048 United. It is manufactured in 28 nanometer process of factory TSMC In Taiwan. Them 2048 Operate at a frequency of 1070 MHz during effort and are connected to the controller Volume 384 bit. The graphics memory on the graphics card is 3 gigabyte and it operates at a frequency of 4-channel 1550 MHz GDDR5. This brings the data traffic speed to almost 300 gigabytes per second.
In this critique, I will focus mainly on cooling and its performance. Of course, the performance of this video card in games is important but not new to most of you. the mother Created a video card that promises? Is it worth investing in the Vapor-X version? Is it noisy? All answers in this review.

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