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Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X: The best has a price, and is high

We took the video card Radeon R9 290X Tri-X Of Spire to test whether the company's huge cooling manages to cope with the heat monster's I HAVE D
After we saw the Asus Graphics Card and you MSI graphics cardIt 's time to check it out Spire, Known as an exclusive manufacturer of For graphical core graphics I HAVE D.
Radeon R9 290X Is the graphics card that carries the fastest graphics core in the current generation of I HAVE D, The core of Hawaii. This graph is manufactured in the 28 nanometer process in the plant TSMC The Taiwanese.
Hawaii of I HAVE D Is a graphical core composed of 2816 Unified internal. These are responsible for the calculation of graphic elements such as texture, polygons and a variety of effects.
The graphic core of the "R9 290X Tr-X Of Spire operates at a frequency of 1040 MHz. them Internal ports are connected to eight 64-bit controllers to a bandwidth volume Graphic of 512 bit. That memory makes its way to my heart The panel has a volume of 4 gigabytes. This graphic operates at a frequency of 1300 MHz in the technology GDDR5 Four-channel.

Radeon R9 290X
Is the first graphics card to bring to market the volume of 4 gigabytes as standard and not as a supplement or a special version.
God-Tri-X Is a new version that was really born in this generation of graphics cards. Meaning of the name Sorting She's three because of his three fans. This version was created from the need for capabilities Amplified to this graphic core that exhibits tremendous heat emission.
In this review you will know how fast theR9 290X Tri-X Vs Others, some is quiet and cool and of course some of his purchase is worthwhile.

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  1. Price abroad is almost half. The importer is flying at us.
    Most of us Israelis are "no suckers".

  2. Responds to 2
    You're totally wrong, this is Maxwell's 28nm
    Neglect the manufacturing method because of the difficulty of the factories producing enough quantities of 20nm (if any) Please log in to Google before you blurt out nonsense.

  3. Lol spire "best" .. We will wait for GTX 880
    Spire is far from the best
    Like a dog is far from a cat ..
    But this is just my sad experience with them.

  4. How exactly is 4GB this advantage over 3GB?
    Dry data cannot be an advantage or disadvantage to either party. It's like saying the iPhone 5S is disadvantageous compared to the Galaxy S5 because it has "only" a processor with 2 cores and the Galaxy has 4 cores. But the fact is that in performance they are equal.

    Same thing here.
    The fact that the GTX780 TI bypasses the 290X a bit even though it has less memory. It is also less noisy, less warm and requires less electricity.

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