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Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X: The best has a price, and is high

With the graphics card, you receive two power adapters of the type of "6PIN and the-8PIN Along with a training manual, a software disc and a cable HDMI Length 1.8 meters. Please note that if your power is not in doubt for these connections to the graphics card, you may want to consider buying a power supply, including, but of course Consult this before.
A closer look
Spire has chosen a new look for itsTri-X And with colors that are usually not seen in hardware products. are you-R9 290X Tri-X Decorates a black and orange color scheme. This video card is large and will not fit in any standard case. Its length is 30.5 inches. This entire length is filled by the monstrous heat sink that aims to cool the core of Hawaii.
This will show the video card installed on your computer.
On the back are electrical outlets, one of a type 6PIN And the second type 8PIN. Note the length of the cooling that lasts about three centimeters after the printed board.
Display interfaces inR9 290X Tri-X Include two ports DVI, Port HDMI And exit DisplayPort. Connecting three screens to this video card will be done using theDisplayPort One screen and two of the remaining three screens.
A back-to-back graphics card. To my regret, did not include Body Spire Or some aesthetic element on the back of the video card. She used to do it in her more advanced series,Vapor-X and the-TOXIC.
Heat sink - theTri-X
This is theTri-X As it appears inR9 290X. It is mostly made of copper and aluminum. There is a copper surface that comes into contact with the graphics core.
From there, five copper pipes are drawn along the length of the video card. Two of the five A U-turn to one side while three continue along the other side.
Around the graphics core there are raised aluminum squares that are used for contact with thermal pads for graphical memory to provide for them as well .
On the body It stands in a plastic chassis with three fans of 85 millimeters. These fans are considered to be quiet relative to the amount of air they can push.
Under the lid
This is the bare printed circuit board, before applying the spire to the cooling plant.
Once the electricity is plugged in from the outlets in the corner of the board, it is transferred through a system with six stabilizing and regulatory stages before reaching the graphics core and memory chips. This power supply system is considered to be standard in combat Advanced.
Spire chose to use graphics memory from Sk Hynix Technology GDDR5. Chips SK Hynix Lovers in the haste market due to their high quality. all Such can contain 256 megabytes of graphic information, and there are 16 chipset on board.
The Hawaiian graphics core in all its glory. Manufactured in 28 nanometers, 6.2 contains 1 billion microtransistors.
It is time to move on to the important part, actual performance and product worthiness.

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  1. Price abroad is almost half. The importer is flying at us.
    Most of us Israelis are "no suckers".

  2. Responds to 2
    You're totally wrong, this is Maxwell's 28nm
    Neglect the manufacturing method because of the difficulty of the factories producing enough quantities of 20nm (if any) Please log in to Google before you blurt out nonsense.

  3. Lol spire "best" .. We will wait for GTX 880
    Spire is far from the best
    Like a dog is far from a cat ..
    But this is just my sad experience with them.

  4. How exactly is 4GB this advantage over 3GB?
    Dry data cannot be an advantage or disadvantage to either party. It's like saying the iPhone 5S is disadvantageous compared to the Galaxy S5 because it has "only" a processor with 2 cores and the Galaxy has 4 cores. But the fact is that in performance they are equal.

    Same thing here.
    The fact that the GTX780 TI bypasses the 290X a bit even though it has less memory. It is also less noisy, less warm and requires less electricity.

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