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Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X: The best has a price, and is high

The fast
I made a quick slide to the graphics card using the Sapphire TriXX software specially designed for its graphics cards. Quick procedure for video cards R9 290 and 290X is quite simple. The first step is raising the heat emission limit to a maximum of 150 percent. Then you must find the highest core frequency and add voltage to the core during instability. The highest core frequency I have achieved is 1170 MHz, and the 1400 MHz. These are quite respectable additions. While adding power to the core, especially on a graphics card, is a huge addition to power consumption.
While testing stability under For this video card, the test system was added as 140 watts and increased to a total power consumption of 500 watts. When performing For a video card, especially the R9 290 series, make sure that your power supply can accommodate the extra power consumption.

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God-R9 290X Tri-X Speaks for itself in the game performance test graphs. It is the most powerful graphic core of AMD And performance is also suitable for one. She's usually a little behind me 780 GTX Ti של , But not significantly. Given the difference in the average market price of about NIS 500 less than in favor R9 290X, It should not be approached with complaints regarding the relationship between price and performance in a flag product.

Under resolution 1920X1200 In Maximal settings,R9 290X Are quite good enough and allows enough flexibility to be used under higher resolutions like 2560X1440 For example, where in many titles the graphic compromises in the settings will not be too large to significantly reduce the experience of use.
God-Radeon R9 290X Tri-X It is a mixture of features. This is a product centered on a very strong graphic core with high heat emission, making it difficult to be accessible and modest. What Spire did with her abilities limit is great. It took a product that in its basic version is a bad solution with high operating temperatures and a terrible noise level Mass produced from copper and aluminum. What's even better is that Speyer does not charge an extra price for all this metal. are you-Tri-X You will find an average price to market.
Is Spear's effort is enough to make the R9 290X My problem with the winner? Well, not really. It is still committed to the price regulation of AMD And therefore can not make a product that has been dictated as expensive. Financial difference between R9 290X And R9 290 High. while R9 290X Tri-X Will cost you about NIS 2850,R9 290 Tri-X Which contains the same cooling will cost about NIS 2180 only. Given the difference Of only about 10 percent, the viability of R9 290X Tri-X Is in doubt.
In terms of profile data,R9 290X Tri-X Is a video card designed to sit in spacious, ventilated enclosures when the user will not be very important to noise during an effort. This is because,R9 290X Tri-X Noisy during play, and not at a moderate level. The great heat of the full Hawaiian core must be eliminated, and the way to do it without spending hundreds of shekels on Water is with the help of Advanced with high rpm fans.
The Bottom Line

Spire did a great job with a slightly troublesome product. God-Tri-X Meets its mission although fans need high rpm to be effective R9 290X It does not pay off compared to a non-X Which displays Very close but very cheap.
Video card - Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X 4GB
the good
  • Cooling theTri-X Maintains the graphics core at low temperature in any condition
  • Superior performance across all tests, suitable for1920X1200 And higher resolutions
  • Has an 4 gigabyte of Graphical vs. 3 in the competitor
  • He was amazed at the factory
The bad
  • Price that is inaccessible and unpaid - close to NIS 3000
  • Will not fit in any case due to its length, 30.5 centimeters
  • Noisy during exertion

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  1. Price abroad is almost half. The importer is flying at us.
    Most of us Israelis are "no suckers".

  2. Responds to 2
    You're totally wrong, this is Maxwell's 28nm
    Neglect the manufacturing method because of the difficulty of the factories producing enough quantities of 20nm (if any) Please log in to Google before you blurt out nonsense.

  3. Lol spire "best" .. We will wait for GTX 880
    Spire is far from the best
    Like a dog is far from a cat ..
    But this is just my sad experience with them.

  4. How exactly is 4GB this advantage over 3GB?
    Dry data cannot be an advantage or disadvantage to either party. It's like saying the iPhone 5S is disadvantageous compared to the Galaxy S5 because it has "only" a processor with 2 cores and the Galaxy has 4 cores. But the fact is that in performance they are equal.

    Same thing here.
    The fact that the GTX780 TI bypasses the 290X a bit even though it has less memory. It is also less noisy, less warm and requires less electricity.

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