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LG's great 4K screen - assuming more than 1,000 shekels

The Korean manufacturer's 27UK850-W model with an 27-sized IPS panel is offered at Amazon, which is hard to refuse.

Meet Razer's first computer screen

The beloved company from Hong Kong continues to expand its interests with the Raptor

Not all gaming screens were born the same: NVIDIA demonstrates the challenges of Adaptive Sync

A new video from the CES 2019 chipset booth should help us understand why only a pinch of all the FreeSync screens will have built-in official support for the GeForce

In a great line for gamers: NVIDIA will begin to officially support the FreeSync screens

The graphics core developer is taking another step to add credit to consumers and increase potential market share

The most advanced gaming screens on the market include a disappointing compromise

4K resolution at the Hz 144 display rate is simply too much information for the latest video standards - and this creates a need for compression of the scale that may impair the quality of the end result

Big discounts in Amazon: Wireless gaming headsets, Samsung 4K screen and more (updated)

Feel that you need an upgrade? Now you have a great opportunity to make it on a retail retail purchase

AOC's new screen - Cheap FreeSync technology, now also in QHD

AMD's smoothing technology continues to become increasingly popular and popular

Record highs: All-In-One computer - 49 screen

If you've already decided to go on the biggest desktop screen around - why not include full computer hardware in it?

too big? Meet the new monstrous gaming screen

Does the world really need an 49-inch convex and ultra-wide computer screen? Bassos are convinced that the answer is positive, and plan to examine it very soon

Asus launches: discounted gaming screen

Meet one of the cheapest models you can get with a refresh rate higher than the 60 Hz

4K screens with HDR and ultra high refresh rate, next month

Sources at NVIDIA expect to see the next generation of gaming screens very soon

Dell's new monitors: slim frame and HDR at a sane price

The American company took advantage of CES 2018 to add another pair of screens to its distinguished selection

This time without OLED: a new generation of ThinkPad X1 computers has arrived

Lenovo's business model loses the unique display technology of the previous generation - but gets another advanced display panel, supported by Dolby's advanced HDR standard

Meet the new ThinkPad family screens

The Lenovo business brand is swelling with a pair of interesting and designed display devices

LG's new HDR screens based on new technology

New technology due to Nano-IPS promises to significantly improve the display quality of the latest computer monitors from the Korean manufacturer

LG is also winking at gamers

The Korean company's new screen offers a particularly high refresh rate of 240 Hz and support for FreeSync at a sane price tag

Finally order HDR

VESA's new initiative defines three different levels of HDR support to help consumers understand what they are getting for their money

This may be the most cost-effective gaming screen

Japanese manufacturer Iiyama launches its first concave model, which may be particularly relevant to budget gamers

HDR display at sane price: The new computer screen from BenQ

Is quality more important to you than the resolution and rate of display? The new model of the familiar Taiwanese company may be exactly what you are looking for

The new screens of Asus

With a TN or VA panel, large or small and with FreeSync or G-Sync - the Taiwanese manufacturer continues to increase its offerings in the home display world

This is probably the most accessible FreeSync screen to date

The new AOC model sets a new low bar for display media with vertical vertical synchronization technologies

The next wave of computer screens will be most agile

Whether it's a pixel response rate of less than a few milliseconds or a refresh edge of more than 240 Hz - it seems that the desire to get a sharp, clear picture in any situation is still here with us

Phillips's innovative 8K screen is approaching

A huge 32-sized home screen with HD resolution and HDR support - in stores starting next year

Ace's new Ace: High-performance gaming screen for the masses

The new member of the Taiwanese ROG family manages to surprise us with his price tag

Like a giant tablet: Dell launches its new screen creators

The American manufacturer hopes to steal a few customers from Microsoft's Surface Studio thanks to a slightly more affordable cost for those who already have a professional workstation available