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Scythe reveals its new air purges

Scythe brings a new generation to two popular models - Mugen 4 and Grand Kama Cross 2, which are designed to analyze the upper market

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Scythe is known as a quality manufacturer of some of its products We were intrigued few months ago. As every year, the company makes sure to release new and advanced versions of a number of popular tweets and we were informed that the company will release a new and more advanced version of Mugen and Grand Kama Cross (4th and 2nd generation respectively).

Like the previous model, Mugen 4 will include 6 heat pipes made of copper which will transfer heat from the base Nickel plated ribs Made of aluminum. The main change is the arrangement of the cooling ribs, the fan and the way of installation.

The heat sinks are now arranged differently, with an emphasis on air diffusion and more effective cooling. Also, the PWM fan with which the cooling will come will be 12cm from the Falcon series rather than the Slip Stream as is customary, which should be quieter with the same air push. , Since installing the previous cooling was not easy at all.

The other cooler the company has introduced is the massive (and strange) Grand Kama Cross 2. This cooling will include 4 copper pipes that will transfer the heat from a nickel-plated cooling base (similar to Mugen 4) to the heat sinks. The cooling structure is in the "X" shape, with a 14 cm high PWM fan with a high air push on the center of the refrigerator (which will also cool the memories and motherboard). Existing ones, including the future 1150's .

It seems that the company focused mainly on reducing the noise and the manner of installation of these purifications, when in the last generation the shrouds were difficult to assemble and were not particularly quiet during a long heavy effort.


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  1. There is no difference between the models
    The first and the next set of stitches are exactly the same, and the arrangement of the plates over a different time is not a big deal
    With me the fan went away pretty fast because of Awok, I switched to Noctoa and works fine

  2. Cools are good but!
    Intel's Cooling Store lowers air on the board, and Intel's Into the Boards (which requires all manufacturers of the boards in Intel's suction motherboards), the board is designed for this airflow to cool what's around the socket - capacitor switches, etc.

    A board that expects to receive this airflow (which is cooled by Intel's stock) and does not receive it (due to a chamfered cooler where the air flows parallel to the board) can overheat and become hot

    So make sure there is air flow on the stabilizers from another source such as an enclosed chassis fan etc.

    Same to AMD

  3. Should you upgrade to Grand Kama Cross2?
    I have the Grand Kama Cross of this generation with an upgraded fan that I replaced

    But is there a change in Grand Kama Cross2 to previous courage?

    What's the upgrade they made and did in the new model?

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