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Scythe introduces a new monstrous cooling body - Ashura

Scythe Company introduces Ashura - Body New and massive that will include some unique features

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A few days ago, the company Scythe Has produced improved versions Both my body Leaders - Mugen and Grand Kama Cross. Now, it turns out that the company did not stop at this, and planned a body Another season named Ashura, also designated for the upper market segment.

This refrigeration includes six copper tubes of diameter 6 mm each, which transfer heat from the base of the heat sink (made of copper and wrapped in a nickel layer) to the aluminum heat sinks. Extra large, which weighs 750 made - sort of like the Grand Kama Cross model.

What is special about the body This, is its shape. It's a body Very wide and tall but very narrow - 161x145x65 (length x width x height). Which means the heatsink probably won't fit some of the chassis, but due to its (relatively) slim shape it will be possible to insert rib memory RAM High undisturbed - which is impossible with most of the massive cooling available.

Additionally, Ashura will include an exceptionally large PWM fan - 14 cm from the company's new Glide Stream fan series. If one fan is not enough, the company will attach another catcher as part of the cooling package that will allow the addition of an additional 14 cm fan on the other side of the heat sink to create Push-Pull array that provides capability Improved even more.

Like the rest of its heat sinks, Scythe emphasizes the support and connection of the heat sink base to the motherboard. The heat sink will support a variety of CPU housings - LGA 775 / 1156 / 1155 / 1366 / 2011 for Intel processors, and AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / AM3 + / FM and FM2 for processors . The company also made it as simple as possible to simplify the connection of a body This is to the motherboard, so that people who are the first time in their assembly will not get too entangled.

It is unclear whether the heat sink connects to the motherboard or the motherboard connects to the body . Just monstrous

We are pleased to see that Scythe not only updates its existing cooling systems, but also releases new models. It remains to wait and see what its price will be in Israel and whether its performance will indeed give a good price.


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  1. Too bad and sad
    That is what companies have to do huge, heavy, heavy monsters obstructing the entire board environment and most upsetting that a reinforced board should not be weighted nor do companies have any new cooling technology to properly cool it and the fan and weight what not recommended for the processor and board

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