Seidon 120M - HWzone also has a water cooler

Seidon 120M Review - The Colmaster also has water cooling

In recent years, the watercourses have jumped a step. In the past, purchased watercourses were expensive, inferior to air pollution and required regular maintenance. In the last few years, water cisterns have become cheap, accessible, lack of maintenance and performance Very good. This trend was led by companies such as -Cool-It וAsetek- And their partners (mainly- Corsair וAntec-) Who offered systems Closed water, compact, aesthetic and of course ownership Good.
After several years when Colermaster was not there Her own water decided to join the trend and launched water: God-Seidon 120m Which I will take for criticism today. On paperSeidon- Is not designed to compete with performance monsters like theH100 AndKuhler 920- And comes with a radiator very similar in size toKuhler 620- Of Antek. Did Kollermaster succeed in creating a better product than competing competitors? The answers below.
Packaging and content - CoolerMaster Seidon 120M
  • CoolingSeidon 120M- Which includes block, pump, tubes and radiator
  • Fan -120mm Of Coolermaster
  • Docking kit for all existing market scooters וAMD- (Including 775, 2011, and 1366)
  • 8 screws for mounting up to 2 fans on the radiator
  • Colormaster thermal ointment
  • manual
Cooling components

הSeidon 120M- Works in the same manner as the closed water cisterns on the market. The cooling consists of a block, a pump, a water tank, a radiator and a fan.
The block - The block sits on the processor, passes through water and is made of copper at the point of contact. Its purpose is to transfer the processor heat to the water inside it.
The pump - The pump sits above the block and is responsible for the flow of water in the refrigerator, like the heart in the human body.
The containerAs its name, its function is to contain water that is not currently used and from which the pump draws water. The container is placed on the radiator.
The radiator - The radiator passes through the water to cool down. The radiator works in the same way as air coolers when the hot water in it warms the metal fins while a fan cools those fins and they in turn cool the water.
The fan- They pump air into the radiator fins and cool them
The coolant working loop is as follows: Cool water is pumped from the tank and reaches the block. The block transfers the processor heat to the water - the hot water reaches the radiator and cools, and so forth

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