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Seidon 240M: The competition is already here - water cooling in the audit

Introduction and packaging
In the past few years, the kerur market has undergone a real revolution. If a decade ago Overklokers were investing in large and serious aircrackers, today's dream of any typical Overclocker (except a successful processor) is Large water and closed circuit execution. In the past, the disadvantages of purchased water coolers outweighed their advantages: they were expensive, they required regular maintenance, and the performance they provided was, at best, the same as that of expensive air coolers. Then came the closed water cisterns. The closed water cooling systems proved themselves to be cost-effective, and most important, they did not require maintenance at all.
For a long time the closed water cisterns market was dominated by two companies - Antec and-Corsair Together with their partners Cool-It וAsetek, Dominated the market without question. But today, we see more and more companies entering the market of closed water cisterns, one of which is CoolerMaster Which was recently released with its first water cooling -Seidon 120M הSeidon 120M Was designed to compete in the cheaper market of water chills against shrinks such as the -Cool 620 From home Antec AndH60 של Corsair. But for more advanced curves such as theH100 and the-Cool 920 There was noCoolerMaster Answer, to this day.

Today Asker the answer of the company CoolerMaster To the high market of water cooling in general,H100 של Corsair In particular -Seidon 240M. God-Seidon 240M he is Water has a dual radiator that can hold two 120-mm fans and is actually Seidon 120M Double in size.
Is it worth buying? How is it against competitors,H100? Answers below.
ID - CoolerMaster Seidon 240M
  • Compatibility: All processors from Apply 775 and all processors from AMD Apply a helicopter AM2
  • Dimensions of radiator: 273 120 x x 27
  • Fan dimensions: 120 120 x x 25
  • Fan power: between 600 and 2400 rotations per minute with airflow betweenCFM 19.17 and theCFM 86.15
  • Fans: two 4 pin with life expectancy of 40,000 hours and noise between 19 and 40 decibels
  • Pump life: 70,000 hours
  • Noise Pump: Below the 25 decibels
  • Power Pump: 1.8 watts
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Price: 100$ (The expected price in Israel is NIS 500)
What's in the box?
  • Cooling theSeidon 240M Which includes radiator, pump, block, container and pipes
  • Detailed instruction manual for cooling installation in each bracket
  • Docking kit for processors AMD Which includes a rear plate
  • Docking kit for processors Which includes a rear plate
  • Two 120 fans with a pin xNUMX connection
  • Rubber cover for space between radiator and fans used as a shock absorber
  • Pin 4 Splitter - Connects the two ventilators to one bracket on the motherboard
  • 16 screws for mounting fans and anchoring in a standard size chassis
  • 8 Long screws to install ultra-thick fans or to install cooling in thick packages
  • 8 Screws for cooling installation in an additional fanless enclosure
I would like to note favorably the company CoolerMaster Which thought of the users and included a lot of screws and lots of docking options
Cooling water - that's how it works
הSeidon 240M- Works in the same manner as the closed water cisterns on the market.
The cooling consists of a block, a pump, a water tank, a radiator and a fan.
  • The block - The block sits on the processor, passes through water and is made of copper at the point of contact. Its purpose is to transfer the processor heat to the water inside it.
  • The pump - The pump sits above the block and is responsible for the flow of water in the refrigerator, like the heart in the human body.
  • The containerAs its name, its function is to contain water that is not currently used and from which the pump draws water. The container is placed on the radiator.
  • The radiator - The radiator passes through the water to cool down. The radiator works in the same way as air coolers when the hot water in it warms the metal fins while a fan cools those fins and they in turn cool the water.
  • The fan- They pump air into the radiator fins and cool them
The working loop of the cooling is as follows:
Cool water is pumped from the tank and reaches the block. The block transfers the heat of the processor to the water - the hot water reaches the radiator and cools, and so forth

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  1. I think it's better to go for the Corsair H100i
    Plus about NIS 150 in my opinion Corsair's H100i is better and more lucrative

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