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Trion 100: cheap SSD drive from a good?

The USB drive The new Will be the first to be based on Toshiba's own controller, and promises Very competitive to the home consumer

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The days when OCZ was an independent player in the SSD market and the best friend of Manufacturer of SSD controllers (Which was also independent in those days) SandForce has long passed - Today OCZ is a sub-brand of Toshiba Japan, And tries To regain legitimacy With a wide range of different product series designed for almost every market segment imaginable.

Now, the American manufacturer is introducing its new creation, Trion 100 - SSD based drive TLC chips Based on cattle Completely new and self - developed Which is named Alishan, and purports to offer us a deal that will be very hard to refuse.


The Trion 100 will be based on TLC chips In the 19 nanometer Itself, with the old (and good?) SATA 3 connection and declared maximum performance of 550MBps in continuous work and 91,000IOPS in working with random files - very impressive data for a TLC drive that should also be priced at the 30 cent per gigabyte volume .

We already know that paper performance data for SSDs tend not to be in line with the actual situation - but in the case of the Trion 100, the OCZ also had some rather encouraging performance results
We already know that performance data on paper for drives Tend not to match the actual situation - but in the case of the Trion 100 the Also some results are assays Which seemed quite cheerful

The Trion 100 should be available within a few months in volumes between 120GB and 960GB, and with a three-year warranty.

Alongside the Trion 100, OCZ also presented at the Computex conference M.2 drive Named XD-JX which is based on another new, personal controller , Named JetExpress. The drive in question will initially be designed for enterprise applications and devices, but with Declaring up to 300,000IOPS and continuous 1.6GBps speeds, it is not difficult to understand why we hope to see it (or any other product that will contain the JetExpress controller for that matter) migrate to the home performance market as quickly as possible.


OCZ is back in business or there is not really a chance against giants such as סמסונג And Micron? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

Just so you do not think that the SSD market has nowhere to strive for and develop - recognize the Z Drive 6300 for enterprise servers and applications, with maximum speeds of close to 3GBps, up to 700,000IOPS and volumes that come to 6.4TB, Medium screen
And just so you do not think by chance that the " No more striving and developing - Introducing the Z Drive 6300 to servers and enterprise applications, with maximum speeds of close to 3GBps, Up to 700,000IOPS as well as volumes that reach 6.4TB, all in a unit sized as a mid-sized graphics card

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