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Ultra-120 Extreme Copper

ThermalRight's popular thermal cooling system will soon have a heavy-duty copper-heavy twin, designed for the Extreme market.

Lots of copper

The material from which the heat sink is made has many advantages, but also disadvantages. Copper has a better convection capacity than aluminum, but a copper heat sink is more expensive to manufacture and weighs more heavily than aluminum of the same size. For these and other reasons, the company releases 2000 units only, when it is obvious that the overall demand for the cooling system is lower than the rest of the company's products. For those who are planning to buy one of these, you should hurry.

Although the price may not be a problem for performance enthusiasts, there is a problem that everyone will have to deal with, which is the transfer of the computer system from place to place because of the enormous weight of the heat sink: 1.9 kilograms. According to 2 comparison To the normal version of the heat sink, Which weighs only about 790 grams. With the new heat sink, the motherboard will be under a very large physical load, so the heat sink is not suitable for people who often hang out with the computer for network parties.

The copper version was first introduced At the 2008 Computex Exhibition, And the rumor that weighs as 3 pounds proved to be incorrect by ThermalRight. The heat sink supports all Intel and AMD residency, and contains Also optional support for the LGA1366 chassis New from home . The final launch date is not yet known, but when it is launched, it will probably be the most efficient heat sink available, according to the report .


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  1. Arithmetic
    "1.9 kilograms. Almost 2 compared to the regular version of the heat sink, which weighs only about 790 grams,
    Maybe almost 2.5.

  2. And what about the pressure on the motherboard?
    A nearly two-pound heat sink will exert considerable pressure on the motherboard, the motherboard's deformation being small.
    And 1.9 pounds is 2.4 times 790 grams, not "nearly twice" as the article says.

  3. About weight
    In this case, I think it is worthwhile putting the computer down and not putting it on

  4. 2000 units are not serious, heavy, and no criticism
    The fact that there is no review shows that the charter knows it has nothing to sell
    And apparently the material is not as effective as one dreams.
    Not serious

  5. I have 9700 from copper and there is no difference to aluminum
    I upgraded to Zalman's 9700 copper I thought it would
    Improvement and improvement was only in the money
    The same cooling is just a different color

  6. Normal board will not hold weight + bracket and fan
    2.5 kg will damage the electrical circuits
    2000 Units worldwide is a zero amount.
    That means the company doesn't believe in the product either.
    No test for this product means the company is afraid of the results.
    In short, a joke at the expense of customers

  7. To 10
    Do a good read at least the article ...
    A - It's not 2.5 pounds but 1.9, with a fan rounding to 2 pounds

    B - Do you really think their engineers are so stupid to make a refrigerator that would ruin light boards so easily?

    C - Did you think about the possibility of using it in OC competitions or just in the house then they will put the system down !!! !!! 111 one one

  8. 11 will do you good
    1. Up to 2 fans are available with this collar
    2. There are other matching residences for processors that are also considering
    3. Because I don't trust you I added 100 grams
    4. Yes I think their engineers are stupid and have just issued 2000 units because they also don't believe in the product
    2000 Joke Units.
    5. If the fan just comes lying down on the board it will need to
    Rebuild your computer with many problems and expensive answers
    Have you thought about that?
    6. It is written that it is not advisable to walk around with such a computer + heavy fan
    And should be static and therefore run for recommended responsibilities
    Have you thought about that?

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