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X79 DELUXE exposed - live transponders to LGA2011

The Extreme chassis closes the technological gap between it and the modern chassis and continues to star in the head.
Hello, a traditional blue-black design, hello to you, black and gold design and welcome to LGA2011. Hardware giant Asus is expected to refresh the motherboards line to its Extreme chassis In appearance and features with what appears to be a rebirth of the X79 chipset to improve the chassis relevance of the new LGA1150 to the mainstream market. looks like Allows the complete traffic potential of the chipset to operate here.
the board Includes several new updates such as SATA3 support for six interfaces compared to only two, six additional interfaces running on a third-party controller, and To my drives SSD. In addition, there are eight interfaces DDR3 that support quad channel configuration and volume up to 128 gigabytes at the speed of 1866 MHz and 2400 MHz in a hurry.

chassis LGA2011 supports processors Ivy Bridge-Extreme and-Sandy Bridge-Extreme. Adopt motherboard technologies presented in LGA1150 tablets as: DIGI+ VRM and-Dual Intelligent Processors 4 That allow for potential Highest. The power supply will be connected through an 8 pin to the processor and 24 pins to the rest of the board.

The power supply module and chip set are placed under both components Passive devices connected through a metal pipe. For storage, the board offers 12 6 ports with gigabytes per second with drive cache SSD Which improves access and loading times. Expansion slots include four PCIExpress X16 and two PCIExpress X1, thePCIExpress X16 supportsSLI AndCrossfire. ASUS included, among other things, support for ac-wifi and a variety of buttons On the board itself.

It seems that the interface refresh in X79 is a global procedure for me . Many believe that it is actually the Z87 chip set that has been replaced by the label.

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The price of It is still a question but more details are expected to emerge around the 10 in September, when Ivy Bridge-Extreme Will be launched officially. Dear readers, watch coverage.


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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Asus knows the job, but I still believe that third-party controllers will not be equivalent to natural chip controllers.

    Looking forward to review soon, with the arrival of IB-E .. :)

  2. Ministry of Communication…
    Can not be purchased in Israel because the Ministry of Communications does not approve the use of AC standard, as I know the board stuck with them ..

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