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Never stops surprising: Redmi Note 7 also demonstrates crushing nuts

The president of the journal provides us with surprising documentation for the new and hot intermediate model

The Trinity, the Folding and the 5G: Samsung is preparing for its big mobile event

Will the next Unpacked event of the giant company invite us to meet with five new flag products?

The drop is approaching: Will the Chinese manufacturer succeed in reinventing the design of the smartphone?

Vivo is preparing us for the launch of an innovative 24 model in January

The zoom king of smartphones

Oppo plans to mark a decade of its existence with the introduction of innovative technology that will enable up to 10 zoom from the original on smartphones

Leak time: Smartphone The Google Pixel 3 Lite smiles at the camera

Will Google's cheapest smartphone have more dynamic memory than last year's luxury versions? The discourse around the intriguing instrument becomes especially meaningful thanks to a fresh informal demo

See in the dark and sleep quietly: the home camera that does not need an electrical connection

Reolink's Argus 2 camera comes with everything you need to take advantage of the solar weather in Israel for your own smart home

Samsung's new smartphone series comes at the end of the month

Infinity-V displays and more generous batteries than ever before are expected in the Galaxy M family

Hisense's impressive middle-class smartphone

The manufacturer, which is best known for its televisions, believes it will also be able to challenge the world of smart handsets with its new U30

Surprise: Redmi Note 7 features unofficial water protection

The CEO of the Chinese manufacturer confirms that the new smartphone contains sealed rubber bands in all its external openings and will undergo a number of internal tests designed to ensure better resistance to liquids than most models at the same price level

Longest: Xperia XZ4 is coming to launch with a unique screen (updated)

Sony plans to take the long-range trend to the end, probably already over the next month

Dream come true? Meet the Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi's popular middle-class model undergoes a facelift and becomes the most successful in the world, without any doubts

Xiaomi's new budget smartphone provides a glimpse into the next generation of Redmi

Mediatek's subsidiaries are making a small comeback with the Mi Play, with a design that will probably also serve the upcoming Redmi 7

The new Huawei: a megapixel 48 camera and a soul of a flag instrument at half price

Huawei celebrates new sales record despite US boycott, and introduces a young model to combine Sony's new generation camera with the senior Kirin 980 chip

Six figures on the way to the New Year: a good start for the F1 Pocophone smartphone

The brand's new and ultra-lucrative brand is gaining momentum

Who needs a front camera?

Vivo introduces another intriguing and unique smartphone model - with a pair of screens

28 Comeback Years: The Google Home Hot Ad

Macaulay Kalkin returns to the house where he played the role of his life - and becomes viral online

Meet one of the cheapest Snapdragon 710 devices on the market

Alongside the groundbreaking Pro GT model, we also received an interesting intermediate device from Lenovo

This is probably the ugliest smartphone for the entire 2018 year

They loathe symmetry and want to drive people with OCD crazy? The new HTC model is probably just for you

The year 2019 is here: the first smartphone with Snapdragon 855 and 12GB of RAM

Lenovo is going all the way with its new Z5 Pro GT model

The world's fastest charging smartphone was launched in Europe

The Oppo RX17 Pro in the market is able to bring 3,700mAh battery to full capacity within 36 minutes only

a step back? Nokia 8.1 Revealed

The successor to the flagship device last year was officially launched - but with an intermediate model specification

The debut of Infinity-O from Samsung

The Galaxy A8s was officially announced with a hole 6.7 millimeter diameter for the Salafi camera - and meanwhile no official price tag

OnePlus 6T's exclusive McLaren version offers an innovative load (update: launched)

A particularly sophisticated model of the smart phone is on its way to the shops

Save to Windows computers: Get to know the most powerful Snapdragon chip

Along with the 855, we also got a glimpse of the Snapdragon 8cx, which makes it clear that the desire to make 10 windows run optimally based on the ARM architecture is still alive and kicking

Recent Hours: Amazon Electronics Deals

The ninth day of the chain's twelve days of dealings includes some interesting opportunities to innovate and be promoted