Reports: The Galaxy S7 will offer impressive battery life and exceptionally fast charging

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More about the promising flagship device Come to the network, and there are also First official

In less than three weeks, a device (or devices) The Galaxy S7 - and until that happens, we will probably continue to receive reports and information about it at a record pace, as befits a descendant of the most popular Android phone line.

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The latest reports also provide us with what is intended to be The first official PR of the device, its Edge model and possibly its enlarged Plus model - as well as details of the battery capacity it will offer us and its capabilities.

Minimal external change vs. S previous

According to the well-known Russian blogger Eldar Moratzin, S7 will offer an 3,000mAh battery, which may still be considered modest in relation to the modern standard in the flagship appliance category, but will also add up to 15 per cent of its capacity, S6 - which will allow him, ostensibly, to play For approximately 17 hours, with the screen in its maximum brightness setting. This is a very impressive achievement, also comes from some official statement of the manufacturer itself, which tend to be slightly more optimistic than the actual situation.


In the previous generation we saw the Provides impressive battery life with the capacity of 2,550MAH and 2,600mAh on- S6 and S6 Edge, so it seems quite natural to expect more upgrades in the current generation, with even more up-to-date and efficient chips, and capacity Upgraded.

It is not yet clear whether the enlarged Plus models will come with a battery of the same capacity, or that they will receive a proper 'bonus' of their own
It is not yet clear whether the enlarged Plus models will also arrive with In the same capacity, or they will receive a proper 'bonus' of their own

Another interesting detail for the dessert about the Galaxy S7 and its battery relates to charging times - another category in it Began to excel impressively during the past year. According to Moratzen, the battery of the flagship device can charge 50 of its full capacity in just about 25 minutes, a speed that we have not seen before and may indicate the implementation of the new Quick Charge 3.0 technology on the way to full charge within 100 minutes - Slightly longer than we received at S6, but reasonable given the slightly enlarged capacity.

At the same time, it appears that the European version of the Galaxy S7 will come with Samsung's Exynos 8890 chips, rather than Snapdragon 820 chips
At the same time, it appears that the European version of the Galaxy S7 will come with the Exynos 8890 chips of the self , And not with chips 820

We are still not sure what the direct competitors will offer In the area of ​​battery life, but what we are hearing now about the - S7 definitely feels like an important and obvious improvement of the current situation, even if it is not such an unprecedented or revolutionary hurdle. We will continue to follow and update you.