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Mobile Addiction: The most popular online game on PC will also be launched for Android and iOS

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds expansion continues with alternative mobile version pair - for Chinese market first

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We've already told you about the huge popularity of the online action game PUBG on, Which equips the entire platform with new highs of parallel use - and we will soon find out whether the recipe made by the Corps in the PC market will work equally well on smartphones and tablets, thanks to collaboration with Chinese media giant Tencent.

A significant part of PUBG's current success comes from a rapid and impressive expansion into the Chinese market thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Gaming division of the Tencent company in question, which is responsible for distributing it in the country - and is now also getting approval from the original developer and distributor to do what it knows best and bring the brand Into the world of Android and mobile devices.

Trailer for PUBG: Army Attack

Tencent, using a pair of keys it owns and has already given us very popular titles, will launch two different versions of PUBG for smartphones and tablets: PUBG: Army Attack and PUBG: , Which will be based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and look absolutely promising in the first trailers launched on the network.

Play anywhere and anytime - especially if you live in China, by chance

Army Attack is intended to be a lighter version of the competitive action familiar from PUBG's computer version, which will emphasize the use of a variety of vehicles including boats and ships that do not exist in the original title, whereas (Or Thrilling If you like) it looks like a product that is a bit more in tune with the original and the Battle Royale battles that made it so popular - when it is evident that there is an ambition here to appeal to as wide and diverse a target audience as possible while the app stores of Wapel already includes many fresh titles that try to provide a PUBG-style experience to mobile users, with no practical connection to the original work.

Trailer for PUBG: . Why settle for one game when you can create two at the same time?

We do not yet know when the two games will be officially available, what their specific business model will be (paid purchase or free download with built-in advertisements and real-money purchases within the title) and whether they will be available outside of China at some point - but this effort, combined with an official full version On Steam and version We will be told that the PUBG story is just beginning, and that this nature phenomenon will have a variety of opportunities to continue to break records in commercial volumes over the coming year. Would you like a mobile version of PUBG on your device, or would you give up the pleasure? Write in comments.

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