Do not wait for Google: • All details on the new Naxos are available on the HWzone network

Not waiting for Google: All the details about the new Naxos are available online

HNXOS 6P and HANXOS 5X are the new snap from , Huawei and Which will be revealed in about two days

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Keep secret about technical details Before launching it becomes an increasingly difficult task in the world where sharing and disseminating information anonymously (or seemingly anonymous) is particularly easy and simple. So, after the new iPhone 6S and the new iPhone 6S Plus have shown a near-perfect match for their early reports - it is up to the new Nexus devices to be fully exposed, just moments before Google holds its spoken press conference.

Exposure for the Nexus 5X, continuing the way the Nexus 5 will come again from LG, came largely thanks to an official product page that surfaced on Amazon's website a few days ahead - and confirmed that the smartphone will come with an 5.2-inch IPS screen and FullHD resolution, plus Snapdragon 808 hexagon cores, 12.3 megapixel camera main, secondary 5 megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor on back of device, USB Type C up-to-date, front pair of speakers, 2,700mAh battery and system Fresh Marshmallow 6.0, of course. RAM and internal storage have been set at Amazon as 2GB and 16GB respectively - though across the network we believe and believe that a version with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage will also be available, according to the widely available standard Up to date.

Will be available in fairly standard white and black - and a slightly more interesting blue-green hue called Arctic Ice
Hopefully there will also be a version with a little more volume , Given that you will not find a groove here Expandable

The Hanxus 6P, the first from the Chinese Huawei, was even more significant exposure thanks to an official presentation Which was uploaded to the network And probably intended for marketing people - here we are given permission for the device to offer a 5.7-inch QHD resolution screen (however, no matter if it is an IPS or AMOLED panel) plus Gorilla Glass 4 cladding, The updated Snapdragon 810 version 2.1 is designed to better handle the warming problems and a relatively low working frequency of 1.82GHz which should also verify the same, 3GB RAM, built-in 64GB, 32GB or 128GB storage, a pair of front stereo speakers, fingerprint scanner , A USB Type C connection, an 3,450mAh battery and of course a system Marshmallow. Additional elements not specified in the presentation are the main camera, which will be based on the 13 megapixel sensor with an optical stabilization system, and support built-in wireless charging in the Qi standard, similar to that of Nexus 6.

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Those who have contributed a lot to the current leak are the website, which featured official PR photos (across the face) of the pair of devices, along with photos of the stylish enclosures to market. In both cases, the smartphones seem to offer an almost identical exterior look that we saw in previous informal photos - which means that the Nexus 5X's Is a magnificent plastic device which is very reminiscent of the Naxus 5, while the suggestion of Is made of metal shell, for the first time in the Naxos brand, and includes the design of the Periscope, which we were not very enthusiastic about before.

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The only big thing we have left now is the price. The relatively modest hardware on the base version of the Nexus 5X suggests that it may be cheaper than its predecessor, when our guess is $ 300 for this version and $ 350 for a version with volumes (If any) and the upgraded Smells like a much more 'premium' device, which may be priced at a similar level to the Nexus 6 in the beginning - though we naturally hope Google will be able to provide a slightly more competitive price, ie in the 400 to $ 600 range, depending on volume Existing storage.


Even without the knowledge of the official speculations ahead of us, it can be assumed that the battle of the pair of knocks will be more difficult than ever before. As the intermediate market includes proposals such as the Xiaomi Mi4C, the OnePlus 2 and the Moto X Style plus the Motorola Moto G, the choice of the device No longer does it provide something you won't find anywhere else - as we used to see before. In any case, it will be very interesting to see what Android Marshmallow will offer us, and how soon the market makers will be able to offer support and updates to it for their devices.

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  1. So the Nexus 6P is basically Z5 Premium only without the better camera, water protection, and the ideal location of the power button / fingerprint reader…

  2. Apart from the front speakers (which are also not unique features) all other features are similar to other devices
    Suppose the note 5 - a processor whose essence is very similar to 810, screen size, memory, fingerprint reader
    So maybe the NOTE 5 is actually Z5 without protection against water and with a pen?

  3. He really does not intend to go into this idiotic debate with you. You do not like my comment and you are welcome to just ignore and move on in your life.

  4. Too bad they are ugly. I don't know why, maybe it's this rear-view camera band, or the fingerprint circle, but both devices just look bad. It's not that the Nexus 5 was particularly impressive, but overall it seems reasonable. We'll wait for the 6P to plummet to 350 a dollar and consider it, I'm not on the phone right now.

  5. So HNXOS 6P is basically Z5 Premium only without the best camera, water protection, and the ideal location of the activation button / fingerprint reader ...

    And the price.

  6. In short, I was waiting to see if there was a suitable replacement for my S4, the Nexus was the last option after the OP2 and huawei p8 were disappointed ..
    I'll probably just go on the S6 EDGE and mortgage the house for him.

  7. The old Nexus 5 is a good replacement for your S4 as well.
    What did not you like about the new bankuses?

  8. The design, the specifications, the size, they are simply not impressive .. do not innovate anything ..

  9. What exactly did EDGE renew? Curved edges?

    People forget the essence of the Naxos,
    A device that is among the best 5 phones on the market in terms of performance, camera and screen, at a subsidized price by Google to market the Android to the world.
    Except last year it worked great, probably this year too.

  10. More of the same except for the Android 6 marshmallow operating systems on candy names, hope you fixed the bugs that were in Lolipop with battery and blasting time.

  11. I really am debating whether to wait for the 5X to leave or go on Tuesday to buy the S6 Edge .. I must urgently replace my S4 natural disaster that served me in the 3 loyalty years in the army ..

  12. The 6 Edge is amazing and I think you will not be disappointed, there is no phone today in the market that I think is preferable to it. The only one facing him is the z5, which is not yet available and has not yet been fully reviewed, but has potential.

  13. The BMW 7 series is also sold at an astronomical price. You claim that it is not amazing?

  14. url] [/ url]
    The authenticity of the video is still questionable and may not have been performed by the Chinese Nexus (6P), but to the extent it is not bad at all -

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