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The Yoga family continues to expand with a very large Windows tablet

Lenovo continues to inflate its yoga line, and this time on the menu - the 8.1 Windows tablet is larger than the ones you'll find at Most competitors

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Similar For a variety of yoga tablet 2 devices introduced a month ago, The"Yoga Tablet 2 13 The new is based on Z3745 sealed chip Quad-core, including a sound system with subwoofer and two speakers with a total power of 8 watts and offers an unusual design with a cylindrical tip. Relative improvements of the new model are memory Volume 4GB, volume Internal 64GB or 128GB plus slot And an 13.3-inch IPS screen and 2560 × 1440 pixel resolution.

Unlike the Yoga 3 Pro Ultra and the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, the "Yoga Tablet 2 13 does not include a built-in projector picco but does make up for it with some With an exceptionally large capacity of 12,800mAh which is supposed to provide approximately 15 working hours.

The Yoga Tablet 2's specification doesn't sound too bad on paper, but then comes the bottom line - with a starting price tag of 700 dollars (including keyboard cover), It is very hard to justify purchase Of an atom-based device over a rather large supply of more powerful devices, especially when a story involves such a high-resolution screen.

In the current situation, the "Yoga Tablet 2 13 seems to fit only those who are looking for it The biggest windows around and not much beyond that.


Designed and advanced tablet with Processing is too weak - or too high a price tag, depending on how you look at it

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