The hit machine: Samsung's middleware gets price tags

The market leader's new smartphones offer protection against water and large batteries at a relatively competitive price

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The Galaxy S family Has grown this year, in what appears to be a very successful choice from the company, and now we know that even the revised 2019 series will be more diverse than in the past - with a lot of potential to gain additional market share in Western countries.

Galaxy A50 will be the senior representative of the updated A family, at least for the time being, and will do so with an 6.4 Super AMOLED screen and an 2,340 × 1,080 resolution of elongated pixels, Exynos 9610 Modern 10 NMR, triangular rear array with 25 megapixel unit First, 8 MP for wide angle shooting and 5 megapixel unit to be used as a depth sensor, 25 Megapixel camera, Android Pie with interface One of Samsung's modern UI, a fingerprint scanner built-in under the screen, NFC built-in, Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11ac dual channels, Bluetooth connectivity 5.0, volume Of 64GB or 128GB, Dynamic 4GB or 6GB - and an impressive 4,000mAh battery with quick charge plus a metal-like plastic shell and glass cover with IP68 protection from water and dust.

Interesting finishes, updated interface, Neot and a plastic body sealed and opened

The European price of the A50, along with 4GB 's And internal 128GB storage that can be further expanded by card Will be EUR 350 plus local VAT - 1,430 in direct conversion that may suggest a recommended 1,500 price tag in the Israeli market.

Built-in fingerprint scanners descend to the people

The Galaxy A30 will provide the same Super AMOLED screen as the brother's, along with a plastic and glass integrated body that benefits from protecting IP68 from water and dust, 7885 octagonal from last year (with a pair of Cortex A73 cores and six Cortex A53 cores instead of quadruple- 9610, and a more basic graphics processor), volume Of 64GB, Dynamic 4GB, dual back-up array with 16 main MP unit, 16 megapixel SLF camera, Built in the back and a built-in 4,000mAh battery - at an approximate price of about EUR 280.

We hope that these two models will land in the Holy Land as soon as possible

Galaxy A10 will be the most basic model in the group, with an 6.2 PLS panel and 1,520 × 720 pixels resolution, 7884 Exynos 32, built-in storage of 2GB, 9.0GB dynamic memory, Android 13 Pie system, single 5 megapixel camera on the back, 802.11 megapixel camera for SLF images on a small front fender, Wi-Fi XNUMXn connectivity without With no waterproofness and dust - and an 3,400mAh battery that is supposed to provide quite good capabilities considering the other modest features in the chain. The price is supposed to stand at 150 EUR or less, if and when this model will indeed reach the West.

Galaxy A10 may be the cheapest model of In the current year, if it does enjoy wide international availability

Another model that will come to Europe is certainly the Galaxy M20, which belongs to a new and simpler series than the Galaxy A, where the emphasis on battery life is even more impressive. This device will offer an 6.3 PLS screen with 2,340 resolution × 1,080 pixels, 9604 up to date, dynamic memory of 4GB, volume 64GB, dual back camera array, SLF camera with reduced Infinity V slot and massive 5,000mAh battery that supports quick charging - all for an official price of 220 EUR including taxes, which will probably be translated into a little less than NIS 1,000 in the local market.

Model The first to come to the West will be the champion of my life modern?

Is not the selection enough for you? No problem - in the network there are also reports on models A40, A60, A70 and even A90 that are under development, when all of them seem to have an emphasis on With generous capacity for best working times - and in the top A90 group we should see the use of a hidden stealth camcorder that will jump out only when ordered.

The design of the A90, with a full-end end-to-end screen that includes a built-in biometric scanner and a hidden mechanical camera

We'll keep track of and update you about more interesting devices on the way.