The technical details and launch dates for the Galaxy S7 were revealed

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A Korean source shares with us what may be the full and final specification of the intriguing flagship device, and there are even dates for international exposure and launch

LG G5, Galaxy S7, Mi 5 או One M10? The choice between them will undoubtedly be difficult, but in the meantime it seems that we are all likely to meet next month.

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New reporting Which comes to us purport to provide full details and verification of the technical data we have already heard about the flagship device, or the flagship devices to be exact, that Samsung will unveil at 21 in February as part of its Unpacked event, For 2016.

According to the new details, S7 will be offered in two different sizes - 5.1 for the standard model and 5.5 for the Plus model, And 2,560 × 1,440 pixels, and both will offer Edge variations with a screen that curves at the edges.

The Galaxy S7, as it appears in Amazon as part of a cover that began selling earlier than expected
The Galaxy S7, As it appears in Amazon In a framework that began to be sold earlier than expected

We already know that the devices will supposedly come with the Exynos 8890 octagonal chips And Snapdragon's 820 quadrature chips , Plus 4GB of RAM and internal storage volumes of between 32GB and 128GB. There is now further confirmation that the main camera of the device will be based on the latest Britecell technology, with a maximum resolution of only 12 megapixel but with improved sensor size (and improved individual pixel size accordingly) and an emphasis on Good in dark conditions.

The biggest surprise added by the new report is that the new models will return to being water and dust resistant, S5 two years ago - and will also include SIM card support by default, with the number of 2 among them can also accommodate cards To expand storage. Hurray!

The Galaxy S7 version of the Edge. Will the two most significant features that were missing for consumers in the previous generation make a comeback?
God- S7 in the Edge version. Will the two most significant features that were missing for consumers in the previous generation make a comeback?

As for the timing of the launch, the Korean report claims that the Galaxy S7 will begin to be sold internationally on 11 in March, similar to Samsung's initial rapid marketing of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. Another important source Who confirmed the date in question (for the US market, at least) is Owen Blass, much better known as his Twitter [Email protected]

Now that we've heard what will happen to, Samsung and Samsung to offer us for the next six months, we will be happy to hear who is the leading candidate for you.

A reminder - S7, if you rely on Previous levers and the accuracy of the amateur who created the entire three-dimensional model based on them