Pronto - the world's fastest backup battery

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Project New is trying to change the reality in the mobile charger market loaded with a rechargeable battery and claims peak speed, and it also looks good

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The Pronto 5 and the Pronto 12 project successful

In order to understand the Pronto batteries, we need to first understand the problem it was created to solve. Backup batteries are designed to charge our devices, whether it's a smartphone, a camera or even a computer, in the absence of an electrical outlet. These batteries come in a variety of sizes, and their volume is measured inUnits in milliamps per hour, Or mAh, a unit of measurement indicating the amount of electrical charge that can be stored in the battery.

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For example, the OnePlus One smartphone has a large internal battery of 3100 mAh, the Galaxy SS 5 has a battery of 2800 mAh and so on. Therefore, with a backup battery of 3500 mAh, we can only charge the The One is one full time, followed by a capacity of 400 mAh, which will not be sufficient for another significant charge.

Here comes the first problem. Backups are great for situations where we do not have access to an electrical outlet, and low power supply in our backup battery helps little, but not much, and not for long. Larger backup batteries will encounter the second problem. We do get larger volumes where we can store more electrical energy and thus recharge more, but with a larger volume we will need to charge the backup battery more time, which also defeats the purpose - charging and loading quickly and effectively.

The official video of the Prento project in the XicStatter

Therefore, the company Power Practical Developed the (From the word "Promtus" in Latin which means hurry), which according to the company are expected to solve all the problems in the market Backup.

as a Project Kicksterter That within two days of his announcement he had achieved the company's financial goal, The Pronto have been engineered from the very beginning to work with quality materials and new technologies that will change the way we think about backup.

The Pronto batteries come in two sizes - the Pronto 5 comes with a storage capacity of 4500 mAh, and the 12 Pronto comes with a capacity of 13,500 mAh. According to the company, The Pentosome reaches the 12 loading speeds of average backup batteries on the market, with enough electricity stored in Pronto to charge a battery 5 (full volume of 1440 mAh) after only 5 minutes of charge from an electrical outlet.

In addition, all The Pronto is fully loaded after just an hour of charging, definitely a significant achievement for the product.

Comparing load capabilities of Pronto at one hour compared to the rest of the market (in battery units 5)

Pronto 5


The Pronto 5 device on the right and the slot section of the device on the left

The battery is smaller than the two, Pronto 5 Comes with a capacity of 4500 mAh and only 1 hour charging time. This capacity is sufficient for the three full claims of an 5 iPhone device, one and a half full charges of the One Plus One and a half full computer device For gaming.

On the side of the Pronto 5 battery is the power outlet, which is similar to the connection we are used to on laptops, from which we charge the battery from an electrical outlet. Below it is a USB socket with Which allows the battery to charge devices at up to 2.4 amperes (compared to the market standard of about 1 amperes).

Pronto 12


The Pronto 12 device on the right and the slot section of the device on the left

As the Pronto's great sister, Reil Pronto 12 Comes with a massive capacity of 13,500 mAh, which is sufficient for nine full claims of an iPhone 5 device, the four full claims of one single-lens device and nearly two full computer claims For gaming. Like its little sister, the Pronto 12 is fully loaded after only one hour of continuous charging.

In contrast to the Pronto 5, on the side of the Pronto 12 is an additional 12 Volt charging jack, which is designed to charge larger devices such as laptops, cameras, and miniature batteries. Two USB sockets are in the enlarged version of the battery, which also include the Fast charging company.


The aluminum cover of the batteries on the right and lithium-polymer batteries connected to the company's special circuit on the left

At the top of the The Pronto has two information lights, one showing the current capacity of the battery, the other showing the speed at which the battery is charging. The batteries are wrapped in a hardened aluminum cover that comes with the waterproof cap to cover the socket part, which also functions as a stand when opened. Between the information lights and along the cover is a strip made of nylon. Its purpose is not only to hold the battery socket cover in place, but also for any conceivable use, such as a carrying strap or to attach the battery to accessories.

So far the project has achieved over $ 1,000,000 with more than 190 people who have contributed to the goal. The Pronto batteries did achieve their goal in the x-ray, but they did Still can be purchased At a price , With a price tag of 79 for 300 and 5 for 119.

If you think these backup batteries are worth your time and means, go toProject site And do not be shy about taking part in the revolution Backup speed.