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Photo before all: Huawei P30 Pro in a comprehensive review

We took the new flagship device for a long ride Claiming to be the best in the world when it comes to photography - does it justify the price? All the details inside

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Not every day the world of smartphones receives a new device that purports to provide the most advanced photography experience that can be put into the pocket. Sometimes new flag instruments come with photographic capabilities similar to those of previous generations and the improvements are quite minor.

Company , Considered one of the leaders in the world of smartphones today, has decided that it is uncompromising and wants the coveted title of "smartphone with the best camera", no less.

When the P30 Pro was launched, we did not really know what to think about the device in terms of market location. Usually, the popular series of Are divided into the P series and the Mate series when the Mate brings the larger instruments and P remains slightly more modest in characteristics and smaller physical size.

Internal components - P30 Pro VOG-L29 (Global Version)

  • HiSilicon Processor 980 has 8 processing cores
  • 2 Cortex A76 core at 2.6GHz speed
  • 2 Cortex A76 core at 1.92GHz speed
  • 4 Cortex A55 core at 1.8GHz speed
  • Graphical Core: Mali-G76 MP10
  • זיכרון 6GB for base version, 8GB for advanced versions
  • volume Internal 128GB for base version, 512GB and 256GB for advanced versions
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi 802.11ac, Infrared, Type-C 3.1
  • Volume expansion Is done using the NM Card And no standard

At the bottom of the device you can find the SIM drawer, Type-C and Spicer. Unfortunately, this device does not have a headphone output and no adapter of Between the Type-C interface and the port , Despite the fact that the Company officially has such adapters for sale. I had to order one just to keep on using the quality headphones I had purchased for that purpose. The earphones that are delivered with the device are of a very basic quality, both in audio and in construction quality.

At the top of the device is a feature I'd love to see in all Which considers itself a flagship and upgrades infrared. The device can be used as a remote control, a feature I know there are many people who appreciate.

Here happens all the magic of photography of the P30 Pro. This set of photographs is actually made up of four different cameras, each with its own function. The top camera is Is quite wide with a resolution of 40 megapixels, the middle is even wider at 20 megapixel resolution and the lower is a telephoto camera with an 8 resolution with an optical zoom mechanism up to X5, which today leads the world of smartphones. There is also a depth sensor to aid in the effects of image depth and focus.

To achieve the zoom through several layers increase the combat And used a periscope mechanism of 90 degrees. The sensor itself is turned side-by-side inside the instrument and receives a 90 appearance after enlargement, saving the space required for such zoom in the traditional way.

One side of the device does not include buttons at all.

The other side has a shutter button that is also used for the assistant Rocker Volume.

The screen is of type High quality 2340 × 1080 resolution. At the top of the screen, it features a fixed-focus 32 megapixel self-centered camera at an average distance of hand. It can shoot at 1080P and 30 For a second. The screen ratio to the body is quite large and stands at 88.6 percent. The screen size is 6.47 inches, which is considered among the biggest in smartphones.

Experience - What is it like to spend 45 days with the Huawei flagship?

Let's get to the meat and potatoes of this critique, which is the use of this device. I must admit, I was very skeptical before getting the device about its capabilities to satisfy me, especially as a user Who is a little used to being pampered with her latest instruments. Of course, as a user There are desires I was looking for to fill with this kind of device.

The P30 Pro optical fingerprint reader is fast, very fast even. I've been improving faster than I'm used to on the S10. Optical or ultrasonic? It does not matter to me, as long as it's accurate and fast.

Let's talk a bit about ergonomics and robust comfort - the P30 Pro is equipped with glass 5 hydrophobic (liquid repellent) on both sides. This device is very slippery and I strongly recommend using a cover, preferably transparent to see its amazing colors. Buttons on one side of the device are, in my opinion, a non-optimal choice for the use experience, and not their relative position on this device. In my opinion, it is good to divide the buttons on both sides of the device and position them in the center, since we have fingers on both sides each time we choose to hold the device.

The size of the device is certainly not for small hands, or even medium for that matter, and 6.47 inches has even gone through what I consider to be large enough, so that with the excellent viewing experience comes the sin of "swiping" such a device. In my opinion, the size of 6.3 inches is optimal for such a screen (19.5: 9). The drop flaw doesn't bother me, and I think this design is pretty good with notifications on both sides.

The Shutdown button has a function that activates the assistant When you press for about two seconds, continuing to hold the power button will result in shutdown and reset options. I do not understand the philosophy behind such design, he admits. In my opinion it is better to give the personal assistant a button of its own, which will allow additional functions on the other side of the device, with a double and long press for more options. Here is a lesson that can be learned from the Korean giant, which has turned its assistant button into a kind of macro that can be easily controlled programmatically.

As for the speed of use of the device, I have no complaints at all, the Kirin 980 is a very fast processor, even considered faster than processors such as 855. During the entire period of use, I did not encounter any blinking, stuttering or slowness of any kind. The experience of use is completely smooth.

I personally do not a big fan of Huawei's operating system, the EMUI 9.1 on top A pie that comes on this device. Admittedly, it is not "terrible" at all and I would define it as quite comfortable to use. Still, I threw on the NOVA Anchor device on the first day of use. The Lancher works great with the P30 Pro and is arranged by settings that travel with me from device to device. No slowness or compatibility issues of any kind were observed.

The settings screen in my opinion is a point of improvement in the . I'd love to see less overlapping settings in different groups and under terms that are not common to most smartphones today. Luckily, you can search for settings in the search bar and this makes the set-up experience relatively frustrating.

The battery that holds the most

Huawei's P30 Pro comes with The highly respected 4200 Milli-Am hour, which is considered to be the largest in today's flagship vehicles. I expected my life Respectable, but I was very surprised by how honored they were. I have to admit that I was totally pampered by the battery life of the P30 Pro after switching it to other devices I use.

I started my day at 100% and after a fairly intense use I found myself going to bed with a meter in 50%, and without charging it continued with the device for an extra day. I'm absolutely convinced that users who are not heavy on the device will be able to reach it for two and a half and three days of use, at least for the first few months when the battery is at its best, I have no doubt about it.

At P30 Pro Not "wasted on nonsense" like other devices I use. I can go through GPS navigation with music for an entire hour, and lose about ten percent only. This is an amazing achievement. The main part of this achievement is not only the volume of the battery, but also the savings algorithm implemented by Huawei on this device. The P30 Pro anxiously ensures that no software is consumed In the background, which is very noticeable in the use of the device.

It is very important for me to emphasize that compared to other flag instruments in the market, I do not see competition even close to the P30 Pro, it is truly a league above the rest of my life Especially in heavy use. I'm surprised and expect the others to straighten the line.

Is the battery running out? Don't worry, there's a super fast 40W charger that flips the charging percentages from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes (!). From there, full charging is another matter of about 20 minutes. Full battery, large and cost-effective in less than charging time - here's your standard, , And others.

The photography experience - really as good as we are told?

Yes. Well… to expand on the subject, one has to know the ups and downs of the P30 Pro camera system to understand how truly versatile it is and what to expect from such a device. The quality of photography will not be the "best" in any type of use, and this should be understood.

I found that the strengths of this device are zoom, Macro and landscape images mainly. These are the types of photography where you can let the algorithm do its job while maintaining the stability of the device. In photography of children and other quick objects while moving, it is possible to observe the loss of focus and blurring of an image, and therefore I would not recommend the P30 Pro necessarily to photograph children and animals, for example.

Click to increase
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In a macro shot, the P30 Pro is a champion. The color level is accurate, the focus is good on most of the relevant picture areas, and the detail level is excellent. Using the optical zoom allows for a less distorted image and is more correct than the one you get with the eye-fish effect in regular use. The kind of benefits DSLR cameras with macro lenses have.

Click to increase
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The colors are accurate and the algorithm is not Exaggeration and high kanstat between different colors. The focus area is reasonable, but not particularly amazing given the size of the photographic mechanism.

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The lighting conditions are challenging and the P30 Pro stands out. The level of detail and the low deficit are what make this device one of the most recommended for night photography. I'm not talking about total darkness, but an urban area at late hours, for example. For absolute darkness there is a night mode element.

In night mode, the user is required to hold the phone steady when several different exposures are taken for approximately 6 seconds to create a detailed picture in the dark. This picture, for example, was taken in the dark of night and during the voyage. The result is not bad considering these circumstances.

I found that night mode can also contribute to macro shots. Use of this mode can yield Colorful and quite detailed of objects as in the picture.

The maximum zoom available on P30 Pro is X50, which is an impressive achievement combined with X5 optical zoom with X10 digital. The photos that this device can do in normal and maximum zoom are no less amazing. The level of detail is highly respected and market leader in the field of zoom, without question.

Accurate and detailed images of landscapes and buildings are a routine for a device like the P30 Pro. The color range is healthy and the approximate accuracy is no less than excellent.

Photo , Compared to the images is not necessarily the strength of the P30 Pro. It does it well, even excellent, but nothing we have not known since the iPhone X set a very high standard for the plots and quality of That can come from the smartphone. I'm still waiting for the Android device to reach this standard.

Thoughts on the P30 Pro at the end of the usage period

I have to admit that so far I was a little disgusted by my instruments From the fact that I did not find many qualities in them. Even when the quality of the construction is good and the quality of the photography is reasonable, something slightly bothered me in other parts of the device.

I think the P30 Pro is the first device of Which I consider to be a leading purchasing option when considering a flag instrument of this size and at such a price. At a price of about NIS 3500 in official imports and with competition like the Galaxy S10 Plus and the iPhone X.

There are many other areas that if touched, we will continue beyond the line 1600 words, such as the quality of the speaker embedded in the screen for the calls and the strength of the excellent low-power loudspeaker, IP68 protection for water and dust, and the rapid 15W and 5W wireless charging from the device itself to other devices.

As noted, my life Especially long is a treat that can not be found in any flagship vessel today. In fact, it seems that the various manufacturers do not make special efforts to make it possible to spend a full day using the device without charging, not to mention more than that.

We loved

  • A superb and versatile stills camera, the most advanced in today's smartphone
  • My life Market leaders today in the flagship segment
  • Excellent construction quality and impressive color selection, IP68 protection
  • screen Quality and stunning with HDR10 support
  • 40W super fast charging and quick 15W wireless charging as well
  • Fast system thanks to fast hardware, fast fingerprint reader under screen
  • Infrared control devices
  • A fair price tag, not particularly expensive for about NIS 3500 for the 128GB model with 6GB of memory

We did not like it much

  • The design is not particularly ergonomic, a somewhat bulky device for most average hands in 6.47,
  • A shutdown button that also serves as a help button Can harass users when they lock
  • No port Of type 3.5 millimeters
  • Expanding only the NM Card cards, we thought that in this war the Micro SD won a decade and a half ago

Recommended - P30 Pro

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