BB-8 is the perfect toy for all Star Wars fans

Disney goes into high gear with an extensive official line of toys launched for the coming of the new Star Wars series, topped by Sphero's cool piece

The new seventh episode, the first of the Star Wars series's third trilogy, will arrive in theaters in about two months, but the new owner's huge advertising and money making machine The launch of a new line of toys and gadgets under the brand new film and the entire series, in perfect timing for the launch and the big shopping season of the end of the year that will accompany it.

The toy line includes an unusually large number of toys, some of which are exclusive to a retail chain or another (crossover marketing at its best), and most of them boast price tags that will make parents dizzy. Among all the chaos was the cute little copy of Drude, the favorite BB-8 ball that pops up in his first trailer and has become a real star - already crowned as the best gadget toy you can find in stores right now.

A few seconds was enough for this amusing robot to become a movie star
A few seconds was enough for this amusing robot to become a movie star

The BB-8 comes from Sphero, who has been struggling for years to find legitimacy for its bright robotic balls. Now it looks like it's finally stamped, with a cute gadget that can patrol your house (or table), control it wirelessly from your smartphone, talk to it and see its reactions that are supposed to fit into your character and also record with it videos .

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More sophisticated than it radiates outward

All verbal explanations will not be as good as the following video, which shows the BB-8 in action:

How much would this pleasure cost? Not less than 150 dollars. Is this amount too high? Definitely. Will this prevent him from becoming a big hit? Probably not.

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