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The new Huawei: a megapixel 48 camera and a soul of a flag instrument at half price

Huawei is celebrating a new sales record despite the American boycott, and is introducing a young model to integrate Sony's new generation camera God- Senior 980

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Despite active Western opposition to the adoption of its products or communications infrastructure equipment, it seems that China continues to race ahead in the various markets where it has succeeded in gaining a tangible footing - and is now reporting 200 sales of one million handsets in 2018, a new record that also represents a jump of more than 30 per cent compared to 2017 sales.

Luxury collaboration with Leica With an increased focus on the quality of photography, aggressive pricing, creating the dual-tone trend that fits into the backs of the devices are some of the characteristics that contributed to growth - and with them the development of the Honor and Nova sub-brands, , Just before the start of the New Year, with the View 20.

A flag waits inside - cutting a third or more of the prices we have known so far

The Honor View 20 will be the third model to use the latest Kirin 980 chip in the 7 nanometer, of course, after Huawei's two flagship models launched two months ago - and will do so at a significantly lower price. You will find an 6.4 IPS screen and 2,310 × 1,080 resolution, dynamic memory of 6GB or 8GB alongside built-in 128GB or 256GB built-in storage that can be further expanded with standard microSD cards, EMUI based on Android 9.0 Pie, Which supports a pair of receiving channels for maximum accuracy and connectivity, as well as a generous 4,000mAh battery with support for fast 22.5 watts. All this in combination with the octagonal chip that includes innovative Cortex A76 cores and a G76-MP10 graphic core.

The back includes a special zigzag finish that changes the color tint that is returned to the viewer's eyes depending on the angle of view

The 20 photographic array is relatively moderate, but includes the latest shouts in the field: a rear 48 megapixel unit based on the IMX586 sensor With support for shooting up to 960 frames per second and shooting Of the 12 megapixel at night in which four pixels function as one, plus a rear depth unit that will allow for face recognition and spatial body - in the front there is a 25 megapixel SLF camera inside a modest hole on the left, similar to what we have seen in the Nova 4 model The company less than two weeks ago.

Some manufacturers are still debating how to approach the downside trend on the screen - and Has been launching a handset for years with the industry's next "minimalist" domain

The Honor View 20 includes NFC built-in connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channels, Connectivity 5.0, Rear built - in and even slot for - but on the other hand you will not find a built-in radio receiver, standard protection from water and dust or support for wireless charging.

The View 20 will be available in red, blue or black

As with most other Honor products, here too the price tag should be the winning item - the View 20 should be available for purchase in China right now, with an initial cost of 3,000 RMB equivalent to only 485 USD, 1,500 (!) Mate 20 that has the same storage hardware. The top model with 256GB for storage and 8GB of RAM, which is a collaboration with Moschino fashion company, will be offered to Chinese consumers at a price of about $ 580, and we can only keep an eye on the international prices that appear at the end of January. If so, this will be a very impressive opening for the company for the new year, on the way to its anticipated struggle to maintain the second place in the global market .


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