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Google Challenge: Fortnite in Android will not be available on Google Play

The most popular action game in the world is approaching launch today on the largest smartphone platform of all - but will do so with an unexpected approach

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Fortnite's free online battleship royal mode continues to gain momentum, with reports reportedly over $ 1 billion (from various digital cosmetics sales, worth noting) of $ 1 billion on PCs and consoles - and the next step is undoubtedly the transition to the mobile world, which has already begun With the iOS version and will explode in the near future with a switch to Android as well, which will probably begin with temporary exclusivity for the Note 9 Recall.

Portnite's big popularity is going ahead at this point, it seems, and the developer of Epic Games plans to take full advantage of it - and market the title not through the personal Play Store store , But through a dedicated installation file on the game site, similar to the way it is marketed through Epic's dedicated client rather than through In the world of currently. The company feels that the game is big enough to make consumers give up the availability and accessibility offered by the company., Which will save them a need to charge 30 percent of their total revenue to Google itself.

The matter surrounding the intended launch of the Android game in the coming months is very big - but not sure that anyone interested can actually play the game

Consumers who want to enjoy PortNight on the go will need to have the ability to install external apk files on their devices as part of the process, which may discourage some non-technical audiences - and to add reports Because Snapdragon chips 820 and Exynos 8895 are defined as the minimum required to run the game, it is possible that the popularity of the work on the mobile platform of Will not be a record breaker, at least in its early stages, until polishing and adjustments are made that will make the whole story more accessible and popular.

Fortnight will be one of the only games to offer a competitive online game between PC, console and mobile users

This is a very interesting development that could bring other big game keys in Mobile to abandon the Play Store in the long run, or at least try to put pressure on To provide them with upgraded economic conditions in order to avoid this. Do you believe that Fortnite in Android will become a huge hit in any situation, or this time Epic has gone too far with its demands and will be hurt? Let's talk about it in comments.

Fortnight was launched on iOS through App Store's Because there is no official alternative to this - but the developer seems to prefer to override third parties between themselves and players wherever possible


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  1. Good Portnight really doesn't need the advertising that Google Play gives to small apps.
    30 ‰ It is excessive

  2. I personally use apk all the time so Fortnight would not be a problem and 30% when it comes to a game that is successful all over the world then it stands at millions of dollars

    1. Even more, according to Bus at the moment, they only earn about $ 1 million a day from iOS users!

  3. I think she exaggerated there are already imitations on android so how do they know if it is real it will not be such a hit on android

  4. I think she exaggerated there are a lot of imitations and how the hell would they know if it was real it wouldn't be such a hit on Android

  5. For people on this site this is a trivial step, many of us really have experience installing APK apps, but don't forget one thing - it doesn't represent everyone.
    The problem with this step is that inexperienced people did not really know how to filter reliable and unreliable sources. In this case there will be one reliable source, the site of the company itself, and still people will fall into the trash and take down from untrustworthy sources and here's the problem.

    On the other hand Google needs to improve its policy, 30% is really a pig.

  6. Do you think that Portnate is making billions of money, then that 30 percentage will include huge losses that Portnate doesn't need the advertising that Google Play gives because most developers use Google because no one is familiar with apps, but Portnite has no problem ...

  7. Believe me if they do it smart you will have no problem downloading the game and installing do a little site guide how to download install and any good
    The problem will be with the updates each time you have to log into their site and download from there. What is best for them is to create a mini store for PortNight (like Google Play but only for PortNight) through which we will download and install and then be more accessible and accessible to people and also simpler

  8. Speaking of APK, what reliable sites do you have of an APK because I know one good apkmirror share if you have any more reliable sites?

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