A closer look at the development unit of the next-generation console from Microsoft • HWzone

A closer look at the development unit of the next-generation console from Microsoft

The advanced and intriguing Scorpio system is nearing launch, and we get a look at the model that will give developers the tools to extract every drop of potential

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One of the most important events we are expecting in the gaming world in 2017, which may also be Microsoft's last chance to catch up with Sony's sales gap and its PlayStation 4 console from Microsoft - is the intended launch of the Xbox Scorpio console: the next generation that's supposed to be 4x stronger From the current ones (and about 50 percent stronger than the PlayStation 4), and make gaming a resolution The new standard in our living room.

In order not to forget this issue and the mysterious console, Microsoft has uploaded a new video to the web that offers users a simple look at what should be quite close to the real thing - the Scorpio development kit, which has been released to a number of prominent game developers over the past few months to ensure titles To be adapted to the powerful hardware at launch, somewhere towards the end of the current year, as well as revealing existing titles that will have updates that will provide them with technological improvements while operating in the new system.

The console with which we are developing a new wave of advanced titles is getting some spotlight

The development version of Project Scorpio is reminiscent of the " The original, and includes a double and extremely generous amount of dynamic memory, 24 gigabyte and GDDR5 (probably using a dedicated data management system where the CPU can directly access the graphic memory of the graphics processing unit), a hard drive -Bate along with an additional SSD drive in terabyte capacity, you can switch between console usage mode Standard, console S and Scorpio at the touch of a button to understand the specific technological capabilities of each system in one place - and even a small OLED screen that displays the display rate and other useful data (loading the various cores and volumes of read and write to storage drives) for real-time developers, Requirements to make it part of the final product for consumers. Absolutely interesting - and quite promising.

We still do not really know all the technical details about the Xbox Scorpio, but we do know a lot of them, and know that it will contain an upgraded processing chip from the company , With eight additional 2.3GHz processor processing cores, a graphics core in the company's latest Polaris architecture (also known as GCN 4) with an impressive amount of 2,560 processing units, RX 580, with a working frequency of over 1.15GHz for theoretical maximum performance of 6TFLOPS (or 6 trillion floating point calculations per second), 12 GB of GDDR5 system dynamic memory that will run at an effective 6,800MT / s speed and with latitude Band of 384 bit, Built-in 1 terabyte and up and up-to-date HDMI 2.1 support for display support 60 frame rate per second, including full color sampling to give pixels and support in-.

The chip's capabilities inside were almost completely exposed to me Last year - but not since changes and updates have been made to the specification that will surprise us later

All estimates indicate that the final look of the Scorpio console will be revealed in the next few days as part of an exhibition For 2017 - and perhaps along with its official price tag, which, according to various networked prophecies, may be only $ 400 or $ 500 in a slightly less optimal position, which would nevertheless be an interesting line for anyone interested in seeing the consoles in the living room approach the quality of today's display in the world PCs. Expect new updates and details soon.

Could this be the final consumer version of Scorpio? We hope to get an answer soon


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  1. I wonder what the operating system is. Should be based on ONE CORE, like all MS developments.

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