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Need a comeback in Israel? The LG V60 ThinQ has been unveiled and looks promising

The next flagship device from home gallery Particularly generous and upgraded for the brand's recognized audio capabilities

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The company's V50 ThinQ smartphone Skipped a launch in the Israeli market last year - but we have good reasons to hope that the V60 ThinQ that replaces it won't receive the same disappointing fate, because on paper it's a very promising smartphone.

Some model images of the intended V60 ThinQ, originally launched for the major MWC 2020 show which has been canceled and may be slightly postponed, show us the use of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip along with 8GB of dynamic memory and system 10 - as well as a generous 5,000mAh battery and four horizontal rear cameras, combined with a single selfie camera in the center of the top of the display.

The new outstanding features of the approaching flagship device

The 5,000mAh battery will significantly upgrade 25 in capacity compared to the battery in V50 ThinQ and The G8X has officially launched in the country - and it can be a great boon to frequent users who don't release their handsets for most of the day, and also line up for life Competitive in a situation where a dedicated secondary screen cover plug-in looks like the company offered with its flagship models in 2019.

This is how he looks ahead - a people A unit instead of two in the previous generation, but also with a much more compact drawback
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God- The V60 ThinQ will also include an advanced audio system with four microphones, compared to three microphones on the leading smartphones we've met in the market so far - which may help the quality of various video and audio recordings as well as voice commands. Microphone array enhancement is likely to come alongside enhancing the overall audio capabilities of the device, depending on the focus of In recent years, with the use of stereo speakers, advanced DAC chips, and an internal resonant box-like structure aimed at increasing the volume and audio quality at low frequencies.

This year, too, will we see the original extension that gives the same secondary screen its quality and dimensions to the main one? We hold fingers to a positive answer

We have no official indications at this point, but we can certainly hope that the V60, like its predecessors, will enjoy IP68 water and dust protection - in addition to military MIL-STD-810G resistance to falls, blows and shocks that is virtually unmatched by any other leading model in the field. It is not yet known how much this device will cost, but we would love to hear about your point of view - is there a worthy competitor to Samsung and Apple, or Continue to lean behind? Let's talk about it in the comments.

The V50 ThinQ did not land in the country unfortunately - but we hope it is a one-off miss that will not be repeated in 2020


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