Disappointment for the waiting: Redmi Note 7 Pro will not receive international distribution?

One of the most powerful and highly paid middleware models May remain exclusive to the Indian and Chinese markets

On the day of the announcement of the Redmi Note 7 we received a promise that a more elaborate version is being prepared, and indeed at the beginning of this month we saw The Redmi Note 7 Pro Is presented as part of the company's event in India - an important growing market Successfully emerged as one of the leaders.

Based on our past experience, it was reasonable to expect the formal launch of the Pro model within a few months - but now we are meeting a representative statement from In Thailand, there are no such plans this time: The Redmi Note 7 Pro will be available only in the Indian market and in the manufacturer's domestic Chinese market.

Did not you buy the Redmi Note 7 because you preferred to wait for the improved brother? It may not happen soon, or even ever

This is an unexpected development for Israeli consumers who hoped to receive the processing power of the 675 at the lowest price in the market, although there is a chance that unofficial importers will raise the gauntlet and market the Far Eastern versions in Israel - without an official international version of the interface, but a dedicated Chinese or Indian version that has been translated and adapted.

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In addition, last year we saw similar disappointing reports that Yomiumi was not even planning to launch the Redmi Note 6 Pro - just a few weeks before this device was launched, on its way to becoming one of the most popular in our local market. Despite the current information we have in our hands - maybe we should not lose hope so quickly.

We have already received declarations and conduct contrary to past events, as in the case of the device - The first and the Redmi Note 6 - so keep track of the developments anyway

Another smart device for coming to Israel and the rest of the world soon is the Mi 9 SE, the discounted version of the first flagship 2019 featuring a relatively compact Super AMOLED screen of 5.97, 712 up-to-date and efficient, dynamic 6GB memory, volume 64GB or 128GB, triangular backlit array and 3,070mAh battery with support for fast 18 watts.

The mini-version and ease of pocket (both price and weight) of the Mi 9 will soon land in Israel?

The price of this model in China starts a little less than 300 dollars, so you can hope for a starting price of less than NIS 1,500 in official imports here in Israel, after the additional VAT you have requested, not really a substitute for Redmi Note 7 Pro. Which can enrich the competition in the interim sector.