• Flag device that costs a little less than HWzone

A flag instrument that costs a little less

The Chinese Huawei does not rest for a moment, mobilizing its young sub-brand to create an interesting alternative to its leading P10 model

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After a short tour of the Far East, the new flagship model of the Honor family Approaches us, and will do so at a price that is certainly likely to impress you.

The new Honor 9 shares a number of similar and even similar features with another device of the company you probably know, the Huawei P10 launched last February, as the most advanced piece of the manufacturer. You will find an 5.15 IPS screen and 1080p resolution with Gorilla Glass protection, Kirin 960 Quad-core cores with an advanced Mali-G71MP8 core as much as P10, dynamic 4 GB memory, internal 64 GB storage (there is also a version with more than both), Nougat and fast charging 3,200mAh battery - all wrapped in a thin device with a metallic casing, rounded and convex glass cladding on both sides and bright and colorful shades.

her , Without the brand (of Leica) - less money

The new Honor model will also offer a photo set that is almost identical to the one in P10, with 12 megapixel and 20 megapixel back (one color and the other grayscale) equipped with dual-color LED flash and optical zoom capability up to X2, but without the optical stabilization system and lens set from Leica, Yes 8 front megapixel camera with maximum f / 2.0 shutter key.

In terms of performance, but should not notice the difference between the Honor 9 and the most advanced device of herself

On the smartphone you will also find a built-in front fingerprint scanner, microSD card slot, Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual channel connectivity, Built-in NFC, transmitter. Built-in infrared, array of noise-filtering microphones, connector Type-C and more. It will be available in gilded, gray, black and blue.

The Honor 9 looks great, even if there is a very good chance that it will have a magnet for finger prints and other unpleasant signs

The Honor 9 will be offered across Europe at a recommended 450 Euro price tag, including taxes (model with 6 GB of And a gigabyte of 128 Will probably be priced at 500 euros), which translates to slightly less than NIS 1,800 - and is actually cheaper at about 15 percent of the lowest prices available for the P10 in the country right now. Not bad at all, if the Leica lenses are not the one and only feature that comes to you in this charming duo.

The price in the domestic market may be even lower than the European price - if the Honor 9 does indeed officially enter the Holy Land market, of course

Worth buying, or should not you compromise on anything other than the source? Let us know what you think about the reactions.


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