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A great upgrade on the way: details about the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5SE

Apple Announces Its New Products On 15 March, With New to serve as a small brother to Pro Up-to-date and, of course, the cheaper iPhone

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Looking forward to Apple's new products? There is a good chance they will be officially exposed at the company's 15 event in March.

According to recent reports, The latest product line from the Copretino giant will include the iPad Air 3 tablet, which will seemingly be quite similar To the dreaded iPad Pro Who arrived at the end of last year with a quartet On the sides of the device, an enhanced resolution screen that fits into the Ultra-HD category, 'Smart Connection' for plug-ins like keyboards and maybe upgraded hardware - a package that could wink at anyone who's passionate about the Pro model, but wasn't ready to accept.

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Schema of the Air 3 from the engadget site, which points to particularly compact dimensions and an array of four Like the "big brother"

Alongside the tablet we will also be relaunching the Apple Watch, apparently without any material changes but with the latest software version (WatchOS 2.2) and a variety of sporting and prestigious tracks, as part of a move already known as the official Apple Watch S The sales of the ambitious product that has already made Apple The second largest manufacturer of wearable computing.

Another product we're supposed to get is Cheap iPhone 'Mythological', which according to all signs really will be called the - 5SE, will offer a metallic casing and relatively advanced hardware - and may be the first smartphone of Which will be launched at an official price of less than 500 ($ 450, for the 16GB model, according to current estimates).

Computerized Processing of Cheap iPhone on the Road - Combining iPhone 6 with Touch?

For dessert, the event in March may also provide us with new MacBook models, this time with processors from Skylake's generation That can further upgrade battery life and overall performance. So if you have a fondness for the giant manufacturer's products - there's a lot to expect in the near future.

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