A moment before the exposure: The details indicate that the iPhone 7 will be a big improvement

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple's new smartphones will provide protection from water, With extremely high operating frequency and surprises

In two days you will be exposed The pair of its new iPhone devices for 2016, in the shadow of sales that have slowed down recently and far-reaching statements that the climax of the maker of Coppertino is already behind it. What exactly would be there? We now get from KGI the broadest technical detail to date, which paints a rather optimistic picture.

An "Apple expert" on behalf of the market analysis company Agrees with the latest reports that the company will only show a pair of new smartphones at the upcoming event, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, God- The new A10 with an ultra-high-frequency 2.4GHz or 2.45GHz processing cores, which could provide performance improvement of at least 30 to the present generation of A9, and at least 10 per cent compared to the A9X of the iPad models. No details were provided about the chip's graphics core, but it seems that there is also a decent improvement of several dozen percent in capabilities, as in previous years, which will provide real competition for Adreno 530's .

Apple will regain control of the performance category?
Will you regain control of the performance category?

God- 7 will include a main camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels, 7 Plus will go on top with a set of 12 megapixel camera pairs, one with a wider array of lenses than the other. Combining them together will create an effect that resembles an optical zoom and can create an image with a focus that can be changed dynamically. , As we have already seen in some duplicate photo sets in the past. In addition, the device will have an optical image stabilization system similar to that of the 6S Plus - and apparently an array of four LEDs to be used as a more powerful flash.

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Double cameras are gaining momentum
Double cameras are gaining momentum

God- 7 and 7 Plus will also make an important step forward in its built-in storage space - with all existing levels actually multiplied, and the base volume will eventually be 32GB, the 128GB version will be 256GB, and the most expensive model will have an impressive XNUMXGB. The Plus model will also benefit from an upgrade of the From 2GB to 3GB (ostensibly to support the new set of cameras), while the standard model will work with the same volume of the current generation. A small upgrade of approximately 10 per cent is also expected for battery capacity in both models.

Another 'bonus' that should offer the new pair of devices is IPx7 water protection (ie full water immersion protection, but no dust penetration protection) Watch. The source claims that May decide not to publish this feature publicly and officially, perhaps to avoid the wave of negative complaints from consumers who have not read the "fine print" of the protection standard - but in practice the iPhone 7 and its brother should be more resilient than ever before the accidental fall to the sink or bathroom.

The new devices may be available in no less than six different shades - including a new Black Black color
The new devices may be available in no less than six different shades - including a new Black Black color

Dessert, The 3.5 connector should, in fact, permanently and officially eliminate the analog millimeters of the headset - using the EarPods are up-to-date with the Lightning connector, which will come with the models, plus a lightning adapter for 3.5 millimeters that will provide support (not really comfortable, probably) for those who will take a bit longer to get used to the gradual digitization of audio.

After all these details, do we still have any surprises awaiting us at the upcoming event? We'll live and see-and we'll have our fingers crossed.