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A new era of Salafi cameras

And Each of us is promised, separately, front cameras that will be built under the display panel without taking up unnecessary physical space

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It will not be an exaggeration to declare that the past year has been the most revolutionary ever for the Salafi front cameras that have become a fundamental part of most of modern life - first through the various faults that began to flank the cameras from the sides and then through a myriad of tiny mechanical enhancements that separated the units of the photograph from the display panel completely. Some time ago, we knew that another future development in the field was supposed to allow the cameras to function under the display panel, thus reaching the optimal combination of usability and reliability - but instead It seems that these are again the Chinese manufacturers who manage to surprise first.

Oppo, which is responsible for quite a few interesting technological upgrades in the smartphones market (charging very quickly using a pair of internal battery cells or using periscope cameras for impressive close-ups), provided us with a short video on its official Twitter page - Where the front camera is located below the screen, in the center of the upper part where these elements were traditionally found in the past.

We do not have any technical details on the model or when it will be launched, but this is the first global demonstration that the potential exists and already works - so there is a good chance that we will see the new technology in our pockets as long as 2019. If you did not like the downside trend and also disliked mechanical mechanisms within your smart device, this could well be the way for you.

We were convinced that Will be the first to reach a commercial launch of a camera with a camera under the screen - but in the meantime it seems that others are also rushing toward the achievement

Whoever decides not to stay behind for a moment is a friend (Xiaomi), which provided its own teaser that promises us built-in Salafi cameras under the screen soon - through a direct comparison between a pair of almost identical products, except that one is satisfied with the camera inside a small fault, while the other takes a picture as if magically without any visible element.

In this case too, we have no further technical details, although we are already speculating that the company may launch the next work in the Mi Mix family as the debut of the ability - as befits a series that was originally founded in an attempt to break the conventions and bring us the best possible relationship between the display To the overall size of the device, even on days when the subject was not relevant or particularly popular.

Will the quality of the Salafi photographs not be affected by the new technology? We will probably find out within a few months the answers


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  1. This is the same as a sensor under the screen.
    What really interests me is how you manage to get a clear image behind the LCD \ LED screen.
    Yes, it's his future, gimmicks, but what interests me is that all the hustle and bustle around the folding cell phones went as if it wasn't technology you care about, a folding screen.

    1. The company itself announced that the quality of photography would be relatively low compared to the quality of selfie cameras on other devices
      However, less than 24 hours before launch, company vice president Brian Shen said expectations about image quality should not be high - the new technology is still in development.

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