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New outstanding mid-market: Galaxy A70 was exposed with a great capacity battery

The senior brother of the E- A renewed, at least for now, includes a large screen, a lot Dynamic and other surprises

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The Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy A30 that arrived in Israel in recent days have a lot of positive potential, but if there is one model of That transcends them - it's probably the A70 new and sophisticated that might provide a life Even better.

The Galaxy A70 is one of Samsung's biggest smartphones to date, with 6.7 × 2,400 pixel Super AMOLED screen, The name of a pair of cores at the 2GHz frequency and six more modest cores at the 1.7GHz frequency (this may be the current Snapdragon 675, A50 and the Exynos 9610 chip), generous 6GB or 8GB dynamic memory, built-in 128GB built-in storage, Pai with OneUI interface and 4,500mAh battery with fast 25 watts loading.

The alternative version of the S10 5G?

The new model will enjoy a biometric sensor under the display panel, a triangular backlit array with a main 32 megapixel unit, a 32 MPX SLP camera with HDR support, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-channel connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a glass-like plastic envelope of dimensions slightly larger than the X- Note 9 - with a thickness of 7.9 millimeters and weight not yet officially revealed, similar to the intended cost.

Great and a chip from home עם Preferred graphs may cause many consumers to prefer A70 over A50 - though we do not yet know the price differences between these two

The A70 joins the model A40, which was also introduced in recent days, in order to fill the small price gap between the A30 and A50.

Also, A40 is officially launched partially - with a designated price tag of 250 Euro (including VAT) for Europe

The Galaxy A40 features a small 5.9 X-Super AMOLED screen, with Exynos 7885 octagon, 4GB dynamic memory, 64GB storage, 25 megapixel selfie camera, dual main photo array and 3,100mAh battery that is also downgraded to A30 - and there is a good chance that we will soon see Galaxy AXN models as well To say even more about home diversity At prices below NIS 2,000.

Is scheduled to hold an event Another official in a little less than a week - and expectation is where we get all the details for the A, including the A90 that should include Front in mechanical mechanism

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