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The pet that does not need food

This smart pillow is designed to simulate the warmth and affection that a cat or dog can provide - for those who have trouble getting along with the real thing

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Stressful or charming? A Japanese company called Yukai Engineering exhibited its unusual development at CES 2020 - In the shape of a cushion with a tail designed to give the positive feelings of a pet, without the challenges that characterize a meat and blood animal.

The Qoobo is a furry cushion with a tail designed to resemble a real cat's appearance (but without a head, limb, or face, which may make an unnatural feeling for some consumers) capable of recognizing and responding to various user gestures. In other words - pat the pillow and see how the mechanical tail moves it in compelling ways that feel almost like the real thing.

The Qoobo is offered in three shades weighing one pound, suitable for use as a toy to cuddle with or as a pillow to lay your head on from time to time, running for eight hours based on An intern who claims to have a hidden connection near the tail - and his creators are convinced that it can serve as a calming factor that "heals the heart" for children and adults alike.

Don't want to deal with fur allergies, cleaning needs or feeding? This is the pet of the new age that will suit you
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Their love? Unfortunately, getting the product for use in Israel will not be easy right now (marketing focuses on stores in Japan itself - and marketing through Does not include the possibility of shipping it to the Holy Land), but another reduced model of the product will begin mass financing in the near future and change this situation.

Don't forget to charge your best friend Photo: HWzone

Yukai Engineering presented another cute development on the show - A snowman-like round called BOCCO Emo designed to allow gentle monitoring of children or the elderly through a number of different sensors that interfere with it, and through a speaker and microphone that allow it to respond (quite charmingly) to things being said around it and send messages from its operators via Accompanying. All this without using cameras which would make it a full hidden and stressier product.

Want to make sure the kids are fine even when you're not around? It's a kind and pleasant way to do it, without having to spy in the full sense of the word
Photo: HWzone

Marketing of the BOCCO Emo outside of Japan is set to begin in the coming months - at an expected price of no less than $ 200, and with the possibility that it will be very challenging to place our hands in our local landscape, too.


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