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Reason for celebration: The smartphone's are available at surprising prices

Smartphone with 3GB of memory Less than 550 shekels and a metallic smartphone for less than $ 1NNUMX. These are the latest offers from Chinese manufacturer Elephone, and it is very difficult to ignore them

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The parade of super-lucrative devices is continuing now, and this time in the limelight stands the young Chinese manufacturer, Elephone, which offers two of its latest devices at prices Impressive. Nice fine details at a price equal to several hundred shekels? We will never be against such deals, so please know the P8000 and the P6000 Pro.

The P6000 Pro is an upgraded version of the popular P6000 of the iPhone, with the Mediatek's MT6753 eight-core Cortex A53 at maximum frequency of 1.5GHz and Mali graphical core -T720MP3, 5-based XPS IPS panel with 720 × 1,280 pixels by LG 16GB or 128GB (dependent on sub-version), the main 2 megapixel from home , A secondary 2 megapixel camera, based system LOOPOP 5.1, a pair of SIM card slots and a removable 2,700mAh battery.

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With a thickness of 8.9 millimeters and a weight of about 165 grams, the P6000 Pro is not exactly a compact device - though at a price like its own, it is probably somewhat compromised

On the other hand, the P8000 is a more up-to-date model that jumps on the contemporary trend in the smartphone world (and in the Chinese market in particular) with a metallic casing (with plastic panels - Unibody is not). On P8000 you will find an 5.5-inch IPS panel with 1,080 × 1,920 pixels, the same MT6753 octagonal cores, 3GB RAM, built-in 16GB storage with additional 128GB expansion slot, 13 main sensor-based S5K3L2 megapixel camera , OmniVision 's 5 secondary - based megapixel camera system LOOPOP 5.1, fingerprint sensor under the rear camera, a pair of SIM card slots and a generous (but built-in) 4,165mAh battery with support for charging 5 and 2-A fast-amps.


The Elephone P8000 is also far from being the lightest or thinnest device in its category - the thickness is 9.2 millimeters, and the weight is about 203 grams. But hey - the battery is also at a capacity you don't see every day on 5.5 inches

The P6000 Pro in its basic version, with built-in 16GB storage and memory Of 2GB, you can now buy for only 120 dollars (about NIS 455 in direct conversion), while its more advanced version with 16GB of built-in storage and 3GB of memory You'll cost you 140 dollars (about NIS 530 in direct conversion). The more prestigious Elephone P8000 is available for purchase at a price tag of 170 dollars (about NIS 643 in direct conversion), which is an impressive discount of about 40 $ from its beginning price the road. For shipping to Israel, you will pay an additional 3.28 dollars for each of your smartphones. It is worth remembering that the above prices will be available within the framework "Back to school," by the end of August.

The P8000 is available in white, black or gold
The P8000 is available in white, black or gold

pay attention Because both the P6000 Pro and the P8000 Do not support 850MHz frequency in the third generation in Israel, and therefore users of cellphone and cellphone networks (and their virtual operators) may experience reception problems in one or the other, due to support of only one third generation frequency at 2100MHz. However, the device supports all Orange third-generation frequencies (and its virtual operators), as well as all second-generation and fourth-generation frequencies in the country - including the future 2,600MHz frequency that has not yet come into operation.

The P6000 Pro can be obtained in white or black color
The P6000 Pro can be obtained in white or black color

The P6000 Pro with 2GB of RAM is available here

The P6000 Pro with 3GB of RAM is available here

The P8000 is available here

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