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Revolution in the cellular market? NEC Introduces Smartphone With Water Cooling

The Japanese company is introducing the world's first smartphone that includes a pipe processor Built-in water
Over the years, we have become accustomed to hearing about water chills, mainly for computer systems designed for uberclocers or jammers, although at a time when our mobile devices are becoming increasingly processing power, there seems to have been a turnaround in the trend. Company NEC Has developed a new smartphone that, ironically (or to the joy of some of us) presents a design designed to appeal to the female sex - whose processor is the first in the cellular market to incorporate a pipe water.
From an initial look at the new NEC, Called 'Medias X06E', You get the impression that this is a fairly ordinary smartphone. However, under the battery of the device lies a small pipe intended to inject the heat from the processor out of the device.
The smartphone is mostly made of plastic, with a combination of graphite particles placed parallel to the motherboard - which contributes to maximum discharge of the heat and makes the device cooler compared to ordinary smartphones.
The water-cooled processor is theSnapdragon S4 Pro Made Which works quickly 1.7 GHz, which the manufacturer is able to use for cooling to work longer and at higher external temperatures than usual. In addition, the device is 4.7 in size and supports resolution HD 720p, With the smartphone camera including a 13.1 megapixel sensor.
Japanese charts showing how heat conveys a tube Water on the NEC device, from the quadrilateral cores processor
All over the network respond to the launch of the smartphone NEC For the obvious, claiming that at the time of the manufacturers Marketed Smartphones with Which include a large number of cores, it is no surprise that watercourses also reached mobile devices. Others say they are surprised by the fact that cellular manufacturers have taken so long to implement technologies Water in smartphones and marketing them to the masses.
Either way, the new device is expected to NEC To start selling in Japan starting next June, although it is unknown whether it will be marketed worldwide. The most auspicious news is that big manufacturers may embrace the idea of NEC And will also apply water coolants to their future devices, leading to the creation of more processing devices.

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