Successful launch time: Android O arrives in a week

Similar to Intel, it seems that too Has chosen the Eclipse Day in the United States to launch a prominent new product

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The first eclipse of the last hundred years that will be seen all along the United States is an event that naturally creates quite a bit of interest in the media and the network, and it seems that quite a few factors hope that it will be able to give you enhanced attention - so now it seems that Google will officially launch the system Its next major activation, O, next week.

According to the number of announcements made to the network, including one of the famous eunuchs Owen Blass, Google will exploit the eclipse event to reveal the full name of the current system - which would be very symbolic, of course, because of the similarities between the eclipse images that will be available in all media to the 'O' Where we knew this version of in the past year. This announcement will also give us a good idea of ​​the range of launch times for the 2's intriguing technology giant, as a bonus.

Launch on Monday next week?

Google has released the fourth and final version of the Developer Demo (and Open Beta) for O and last month it seems that everything is ready for the launch of the system, which promises to provide additional performance improvements to the ART infrastructure to which it migrated gradually In recent years, a dedicated image-in-picture interface, improved battery life thanks to the ability to restrict specific resource access to each application according to user preferences, significantly shorter system startup and initialization times, new dynamic icons, updated and polished settings menu.

O is another product that is already widely mastered in the mobile world, worldwide

What other surprises Google is preparing for us and they will really adopt the name that is required Orao '? We will soon find out, and we will also tell you.

And Intel agrees - a historical flaw is a good timing to make meaningful press conferences