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A surprising launch, a surprising price: the Xiaomi Mi A3 has arrived in the country

Smartphone- One of the newest popular Chinese manufacturer has officially launched in Israel

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Less than two weeks After the international declaration - The Mi A3 model has already arrived in the Holy Land, without too many early warnings, and at a starting price that is significantly better than its predecessor.

The Mi A3 Is a very significant upgrade, at least in some features, with Snapdragon 665 is an up-to-date, efficient octagon of Qualcomm, a system A pie devoid of changes to a home source , Space for expandable microSD cards up to 256GB, 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones, connectivity 802.11ac dual channel and Bluetooth connectivity 5.0, a triple main photo array with a main 48 megapixel unit , A wide-angle 13 camera and depth-sensing 2 megapixel unit, a handsome 32 megapixel selfie camera, and an 4,030mAh battery with support for 3.0 Quick Quick Charge 18 watts.

Model One of the most lucrative landings in the country

In fact, one of the few areas where no real improvement can be declared is in the display panel - where you'll find a Mi A3 unit 6.09-size and 1,560 × 720 pixel resolution, above which a protective type 5. The benefit of lower resolution selection compared to the previous generation is expected to come in battery life (along with a significant increase in available capacity) and graphical rendering performance - with an added bonus being Built-in under the screen, instead of the back of the device.

The white-colored version of the device is not yet available on the local importer's website - let's hope it's something to update soon

In the local representative Hamilton decided to translate a European price tag of 250 Euro (including local VAT) into NIS 1,100 - and although there is still potential to cut this is a great starting point in relation to the launch price of Mi A2, which stood at no less than NIS 1,400 Less than a year ago (and has since dropped to NIS 800).

The screen size increased relative to Mi A2 - but the length and width data actually shrunk significantly, while the thickness and weight decreased slightly

The Mi A3 will be available in white or blue, with 64GB volume and 4GB dynamic memory as the base or 128GB volume and 4GB dynamic memory with enhanced version with NIS 1,250 price tag, compared to Euro 280 in Europe. Worth buying or is it better to wait? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

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