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Corpse abuse: The network eliminates EA's new strategy game

US Games distributor decided to take a risk and bring the Command & Conquer brand back to life for the mobile market - but it is doubtful that they anticipated such an extreme negative reaction to the venture

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EA Games' past is full of puzzling decisions and bitter business failures left behind With a bitter taste - but the biggest black spot of all is probably that of Westwood Studios and the Command & Conquer games series, which has become one of the biggest names in the industry for one of the most hated and ridiculed under the baton of the distributor.

The fourth and final main game of the brand's main plot line, Tiberian Twilight, was launched somewhere in 2010 - taken seriously by almost everyone and put it into a kind of coma that nobody really opposes. Still, after a six-year hiatus since launching any last (browser-based) game under that name - at EA they decided to try again, this time in the mobile world, and presented Command & Conquer: Rivals, on the big stage of the show 2018

It's hard to believe that there were many players who felt that more C&C games were needed after everything that happened to the series since the closing of the studios that created the original - and after unveiling the title of the mobile title, we were given particularly definitive proof.

It's really, not really the Command & Conquer we wanted

Significantly primitive, even in comparison to other mobile games in the genre, unlike almost any past C&C game, "buried" Rival in bad reactions from all sides, including tens of thousands of negative votes (relative to a few hundred positive votes) in the launch video The official - even before the Pre-Alpha phase began to test the fresh creation.

Is in Will they ever convince players that they know how to respect their nostalgic names and products? In the meantime, this possibility is not really in sight.


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  1. As if moving what they think?
    Only from what the game seems can we conclude that they were thinking of creating some cow to give milk…
    In my opinion, it really doesn't move them from the reviews. Whatever it may be .. it will make them invest more.
    I remember C&C as a very nice game, before C & C3 remember that I tried RENEGADE… and then it really came down to me.

    1. If you were disappointed by Renegade by the way, you will know that the totem arts group was given the opportunity to recreate it and today for a few years now it has been running as Renegade X
      There are plenty of things added to the gaming experience worth trying - totally free by the way.

  2. So I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

    There is no Android game store in the genre that is in graphics with quality above about 8 bit. And they're not something either. I already thought it would be a normal game and then I saw the video ...

  3. Your definition of "failure" is unclear to me.
    Everything they spend they earn because people buy, and then spend millions more on loot boxes. So where exactly is the failure?
    Don't blame the company that gives people that they are not what they clearly want.
    I'm just as excited about it as you are, but as long as there's money there, they'll go there, and I understand them. I don't understand the people who buy these atrocities.

  4. It's simple, you take a real rts game, say you make it a version of the phone, and then show it at all looks like an imitation of Royale clash… don't know if a good game or not, but c & c it's not…

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