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All the information about the new Ulus Ript

A new version of the virtual reality device Has come out and offers an enhanced experience at 350 Dollars

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Oculus Rift was first announced on 2012, and has since gone a long way in its development, when two weeks ago the announcement of the acquisition of Oculus by In a huge deal of 2 billion dollars.

The initial development version of the device has already offered high resolution (800 * 1280 or 400 * 640 pixels per eye), and is now attached to the new version That is directed to the user for the location in the space.

The infrared sensors are also located behind the front plastic cover. Two exits are located above the left side - one of them 2.0, and the other is a headset connection.

Connection Will allow the use of additional devices parallel to the Okolos - like for example.

The new development version of Okulos Ript

The power switch has been moved to the right side of the oculus, and the USB cable connecting the unit to the computer is now splitting into USB for receiving power, and HDMI for . The display has also been shifted from enhancements, providing OLED screen in the separation of 1080 * 960 pixels for each eye.

The new DK2 (Developer Kit 2) development kit is offered for early sale at 350 per unit, and is the next step towards the final product.

This is how the unit looks when used
The latest hardware will ease the amateur and hardware developers' projects and provide the cash injection needed on the way to the final version.

The release date of the product in its final commercial version is not available, but it is reported that the next version will bring even greater improvements to the growing fan audience.

The new development unit and the camera attached to it

The purchase is in question

Facebook expressed confidence in Oculus's product when it arrived To a purchase agreement For 400 million dollars in cash, and another 1.6 billion dollars in stocks . 300 million additional cash and shares may be added to the final price upon meeting certain targets.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, testified that he believes artificial reality may be the next technological leap forward "Okolos has the potential to become the leading social platform," said Zuckerberg. "Imagine that you share not only moments with friends on the Web, but whole experiences and even adventures."

Play chess now

Okulos got it More advertising Yesterday, the 7 in April, when it was shown in Belfast, Ireland, a demo version of the game based on the successful television series "Game of Thrones" by HBO using Okulos technology.

The game allows the player to climb an ice wall at an altitude of 213 meters, the wall that protects the seven kingdoms in the series in question. Those who tried the experience reported a realistic feeling of fear of heights when they stood on the edge of the wall during the experience with the Okolus Rift compound.

Cages where you could try Game of Thrones

In addition, a guy named Diego Araos developed Open source interface Which allows you to control unmanned aircraft (ARDrone) using the Oculos Ript. The connection is done using JavaScript code and HTML5, and allows the user to control the flight using head movements.

Will Zuckerberg's vision take shape? Will the acquisition of Okolos by the world's largest social network affect the original vision for the worse? time will tell.

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