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All the technologies in one place: Samsung is trying to reinvent the smartphones

Meet the A9 2018, the Korean company's most interesting intermediate model with a record number of photo sensors at the rear

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It certainly looks like a matter of time after LG introduced us to its V40 ThinQ, which has three rear cameras and five cameras in total, each of which is designed to capture scenes of another kind, but we must admit that we are surprised that She's the first step - With four different photo units at the back, and one that belongs technically to the middle market and not to the flagship market.

The Galaxy A9 for 2018 will offer us an 6.3-inch super AMOLED elongated screen and 2,220 × 1,080 pixel resolution, an efficient core-efficient Snapdragon 660 chip, 6GB dynamic memory, 128GB internal storage, android system Experience and five cameras in total: front-end resolution up to 24 megapixels with f / 2.0 shutter key and four rears, the first of which is a 24 megapixel resolution with f / 1.7 shutter key, and another 10 megapixel resolution for close-up Up to 2 without visible quality loss, third with 8 resolution for a wide angle 120 and last but not least 5 megapixel that will function as a depth sensor to create a nice and accurate Boca effect when required.

How many cameras are too cameras? We'll soon find the answer

The Galaxy A9 offers dimensions similar to those of the Galaxy S9 Plus, with a fingerprint scanner built into the back, NFC built-in connectivity 802.1ac and connectivity 5.0, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3,800mAh battery with fast 15 charging and three selectable finishes: full black and double shades that combine red and pink or yellow and blue.

The price of all this good will not be easy to digest - 550 British pounds includes the local VAT added, which translates into about NIS 2,630. Slightly cheaper than the other Korean smartphone boasting five cameras - but still very expensive for a model that doesn't include A leading flag.

Such as the A9 from 2016 - Again this time we see stretching of the term intermediate device to the edge, in many different aspects including the price tag

Samsung has actually integrated three different schools of dual image arrays that have become so prevalent in the market within one product to give users the flexibility and choice - and the only thing that's still missing here is a fifth grayscale sensor, more artistic touch, and the sharpening of contrast The other photography units - according to the technology led by a company in the field.

Already, there are rumors of a possible launch of a smartphone with five rear cameras - from Nokia, so the peak of May survive only a short time

Camera inflation can only be seen as a gimmick, but in combination with Worthy of identifying the objects that are in front of the user and independent sensing of the sensor that will deliver the best result - you can certainly see a real potential for a trend that will undoubtedly become the new hot trend in no time, especially for less experienced users who are not always able to express the capabilities and qualities of the sensor One alone on their own.

Three shades, two of which are unique and refreshing - at the very least in the derivatives of herself

Is the future of mobile photography really combined with dozens of sensors with optical arrays and different filters within each product? You are welcome to tell us what you think about the comments.


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  1. Interestingly, two cameras out of four are not used to enhance this image for specific photography needs (zoom and wide lens)

    What mobile photo sensor manufacturers are sure to earn big time

  2. The multi-camera trend is very important and not just for mobile.
    It enables the enhancement of photography without significantly enlarging the camera and over time allows smaller cameras to get closer to professional photography capabilities. For example, the compact camera with 16 cameras released a few months ago. (No need to flinch, I said just get close) While she still doesn't reach a professional camera level, she is a smartphone-sized and does things that no smartphone camera can.
    While this model is expensive (like a professional camera), it is a first model and in any case small photo sensors are only getting cheaper and cheaper.
    This revolution has meaning also to the world of skiers, security cameras, extreme photography, and other uses

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