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Amazing look and alarming price: Huawei's folding smartphone is coming

The elaborate Mate X model becomes official in the Chinese market, with final specifications and price

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Samsung met the mission and managed to be the first in the market to offer a sale With a folding screen, despite all the technical challenges still facing her - but now she's not alone, because She is officially launching her folding Mate X model, trying to prove that the technology in her hands is better and more mature than the giant of Korea.

The high-end official commercial version is no different from what was originally unveiled in February - with a full-size 8 × 2,480 pixel-resolution AMOLED screen, which folds outward to make two screens on both sides of the XNX XN Back), Kirin 980 octagon cores in 7 nm manufacturing process plus separate Balong 5000 modem to support fifth generation networks, 8GB dynamic memory and fast 512GB built-in storage that is further expandable with dedicated Huawei Nano Memory cards, a fully integrated photo sharing system developed with Huawei First 40 Megapixel Unit, Wide Angle 16 Megapixel Unit, 8 Megapixel Close-Up Camera and Depth Sensor - and 4,500mAh Capacity Made of a Pair Internals with support for 55 watt charging that should reach 85 percent in just 30 minutes.

The biggest screen you can find on a device that can be described as a queue - And this is definitely a significant technological achievement

The smartphone will only be available in black, with a massive weight of approximately 300 grams and system Pie plus MIUI 9.1 interface, without the app lineup (Much like most smartphones designed for the Chinese market) - and at almost the imaginary price of 17,000 yuan, or 2,405 dollars in direct conversion. This is the price of NIS 8,500 - when VAT increases bring us to the level of no less than NIS 10,000, which would seem to be the minimum that can be expected if and when the Mate X finds its way to the stores in Israel. Ouch!

The camera lineup has undergone minor changes since the original launch earlier this year - but the technical data remains very similar, as is the terrific price tag

Mate X can be ordered in stores in China now, with delivery to customers scheduled to start from 15 in November - and although it is not yet known whether the Mate X will actually be offered in other countries, the company has already announced the development of a similar folding model called the Mate Xs, which will be based on The powerful Kirin 990 premiered on the Mate 30 and offers a modem Built into it.

Wealthy China will queue for new toy purchase?

This device will be available in March 2020 - and we hope that by then the manufacturer will be able to solve its problems with Google and can provide it in all significant markets for it with a system Up-to-date and all its recognized GMS services. Even a little more sane price wouldn't hurt here, of course.

An improved model is already in progress . We're not sure whether it's a smart move to unveil these programs even before the original device landed on the shelves - but apparently in the Want to clarify their commitment and great faith in cutting-edge technology


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